2014 QLD Brides Design Awards

Every year we plan and look forward to the QLD Brides Design Awards and this year is no different.  The girls and I always have such a great time, whether we win or not.

Thank you to my dresser Leonie and Hannah our model for making the whole event for us go so smoothly.  Most importantly thank you to my husband, for is constant support and undying love for me and our label Helena Couture Designs.

We were lucky enough to come second in my favourite section Avant-Garde with the gown “Kirsten”.  Here is a little information about what inspired this beautiful gown…


The inspiration came from an early morning run through rural Canberra and seeing boulders, wild flowers and rolling hills in the morning dew.


Satin, Tulle, Corded Lace, Swarovski Diamantes, Bugle Beads, Sequence and Pearl Buttons


Diamantes, sequence and bugle bead detail, representative of the boulders and rolling hills of rural Canberra flow from the wind blown a-symmetrical shoulder to blend into the lace.  

The additional 3D lace of wild flowers from the meadows, follow through to the layers of tulle skirt with rippled hems, finish off this piece of art.

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