The Magical World Of Evergeen Garden Wedding Venue – Behind the scene.

A romantic backdrop for some of my recent collection is all I ever had in mind when deciding on the style of shoot and the only place I knew that would suit is Evergreen Garden Venue.  Marina and John were only too happy to share their venue with us again and knowing we had Andrew from Thurtell Photography behind the lens, gave me a sense of ease, knowing the photos would be perfect and reflect what I was trying to bring together.

Andrew and I have worked together for years and in that time he continually impresses me with the images he produces.  His professionalism is second to none.  He really is an artist.  He knows me so well and is so relaxing to be around, which flows thorough to the models and of course the images.

One of my favourite models, who needed no direction and flowed right into pose after pose, is Hannah Dye.  Having meet Hannah several years back for one of our photo shoots, she has pretty much become our in house model and also dear friend to me and my family members.

Amanda from Amanda Higl Hair And Makeup completed Hannah’s hair and makeup, giving her a flawless and breathless look.  The final touches were done and everything was ready to go.

So with everything planned and ready to go, the only element of surprise would be the weather.  It rained on and off days before the shoot, but it was only the day before, when it bucketed down around 9am, with the weather report saying it will stay till Wednesday, that I started to panic and rang Andrew for his advice and support.  After discussing the options available and knowing that the only options were to postpone for a second time or just risk it, even if it meant only shooting one or two gowns in the exact setting I was envisaging during clear spells, I risked it and it paid off, tenfold.

Have a sneak peak at some behind the scenes shots of Helena Couture Designs  bridal gowns being shot in the magical world Evergreen Garden Venue.  You may even see me, Helena Karkovic, bridal fashion designer.

Please note these are only behind the scene snap shots and not the professionals.  The professional photos will be up in the coming weeks.


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