When in Rome…

Jessica and Kieran were married in Rome in August of this year and it’s been one of the best kept secrets.  Jessica wasn’t even able to wear her engagement ring, in fear it might spoil the surprise. 

Her friends assured her that when they went on Holidays, Kieran would propose.  Little did they know he already had and preparations for their small Italian wedding had been going on for months, from the trip to the Italian embassy, the making of the rings and of course one of the most important items Jessica’s bridal gown. 

From the first time I met Jessica and her mum we hit it off instantly.  Each fitting, Jessica and her mum shared more of her plans about the wedding, while watching her dream bridal gown come to life. 

Not all brides get to wear their wedding dress again, but Jessica is one of the lucky ones, as they are also having a small party in Australia to celebrate their special day again with their close friends who weren’t in Italy. 

I felt honored to be a part of her and Kieran’s big day and can see in the photos, that a great time was had by all.  

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