Wedding Designs In A Transparent World With Helena Couture Designs

In An Ever-Changing World, The Modern Woman Has Been Transported From Pre-World War 1 Petticoats And Ankle Length Skirts, To Revealing ‘Almost Transparent’ Sexy Dresses. 

Years ago, to show a couple of inches of skin, would be frowned upon by society and today, with the trend for women to get married a little older, they seem to be learning how to be confident, in who they are.  Society today, accepts women’s femininity and desire to look sexy; the freedom to express their personality through their unique look and style. My vision explores bespoke designs for each bride’s shape, personality and desires for her look on her special wedding day.

It is only in the last decade, that we have gone from relying on publications and TV, that controlled the trends in fashion and acceptance, to the internet today, that frees everyone to have that same control over their own lives and destiny.  Publications like Cosmopolitan, that were leaders in their field years ago, is reported to be going out of circulation in December, after 45 years, because modern women today, are now empowered, with inspiration at their fingertips.  With this liberating technology, women themselves need to assess where the balance in modesty lies, for themselves. 

Some may say the pendulum has swung in the other direction, with the over-sexualisation of women from platforms like the music industry. The modern woman is well informed and wisely seeks guidance from visually skilful designers, such as myself, to create the ultimate in sexy and elegant wedding dresses.  Transparency can be implemented to highlight and enhance our bride’s curves; especially for the modern ‘mature’ woman to look super sexy, while still maintaining natural elegance and femininity.

Fashion trends in wedding dresses today therefore, are so varied and although, Helena Couture Designs is renowned for excellent quality, fit and service, I find the most rewarding aspect of my career, to be finding an innovative design for each bride.  I never make the same dress twice!  I enjoy the complexities and challenges in pushing the boundaries in design, to ‘create’ the perfect dress that suits each bride’s individual personality and aspirations.

Women today have come such a long way in their journey to equality and freedom to be the authors of their own destinies.  Being a designer allows me to thrive in my passion for creativity and identity.  Dresses are born from your imagination and I can implement the skills and techniques such as transparency to bring your dress alive!

Helena x

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