Married at First Sight

Me and reality TV, seriously!??  Now, Sam Ball is one of the most reliable, thoughtful and courteous gentlemen, not to mention a stunning and down to earth model, that I have been privileged enough to work with, over the last few years.  He is also a talented actor, who has appeared in episodes of Secret City and Home and Away. So, I was completely taken by surprise, when he called me ‘out of the blue’, to invite me to be on a reality TV show in Sydney, as a guest to his wedding!  Firstly, married?  Secondly, reality TV show, me? I initially groaned at the thought! To add to the shock, it was going to be held in less than ten days.  I needed to make a dress, fast!

As it turned out, my husband was unable to come with me, so I invited a close friend and colleague, and she needed a dress too!   I must say, I would never intentionally let Sam down, after all the commitment and great work ethic he has displayed over the years, towards my business, so I needed to get my skates on!  I have been called ‘Hurricane Helena’ by friends before so, I lived up to my reputation. Sleep, who needs sleep?  Highly over-rated!  I finished the dresses: along with my regular weekly workload, during the middle of the busy wedding season; the day before we flew down to Sydney.  That was a blur! The day after arrival, we were ushered into buses and found ourselves face-to-face with cameras and surrounded with guests with microphones.  Such an unusual experience and yet, before long, we forgot all about the mechanics of filming and just relaxed and had fun.  Maybe that was fatal?  I hope I didn’t put my foot in my mouth, on air!

Image: Andrew Thurtell Weddings, Dress: Helena Couture Designs, Florals: Lola’s Wild Flowers, HMUA: Amanda Higl Hair and Makeup, Models: Sam Ball & Jamie-Lee Andrews

Sam looked nervous standing at the altar, in his blue suit; very handsome, of course.  It was a blisteringly hot day and we almost dehydrated, but it was also very exciting and enjoyable. The company was second-to-none; Sam’s family and friends were very welcoming, especially Jacob, his brother, who had us in stitches.  He had to work out how we knew Sam, as we were “looking beautiful, but older than the girls he would normally date”.  Haha …. Sam is only 27! Very funny!

Elmopement Shoot At Springbrook, QLD.
Image: Luke Middlemiss Photography, Dresses: Helena Couture Designs, HMUA: Amanda Higl hair and Makeup, Florals: Lola’s Wild Flowers, Videography: Creative Flow Studio, Models: Sam & Coutney

Sam met his new bride at the altar and they seemed to hit-it-off straight away although, she was probably not the girl I envisaged Sam would marry.  I always thought she would be a quiet ‘girl next door’ type, and his surprise bride, although stunning, was very forward, confident and really out-going.  Was this a good match, time will tell?  I do think the producers intentionally ‘mismatch’ the couples, just a little, to make the show more entertaining.  And now, I cannot wait to watch a reality TV show, to see if they get on! I cannot believe I am admitting that!

The food was excellent although, the third piece of wedding cake was just too much!  Sam’s Mother, Leanne, was adorable giving her speech and her boys supported her beautifully, as her husband was also unable to attend.  Such an amazing family and I loved being on their table at the reception – they were the icing on the cake!

One of the best lemon tarts I have ever eaten. Brought spares for the plane trip home but were eaten at morning tea while waiting 3hrs for our flight home, with heaps of coffee to keep us awake.

Anyhow, the day was a real eye-opener into the world of reality TV. We loved showing off our bespoke dresses, even though my daughter was very cross I had already made my intended dress for her formal, before I had even started on hers .…. but, that’s another story.

Beginning of the day with #mafs2019

End of the day #mafs2019

Happily ever After?… Only time will tell.

Image: Andrew Thurtell Weddings, Dress: Helena Couture Designs, Florals: Lola’s Wild Flowers, HMUA: Amanda Higl Hair and Makeup, Models: Sam Ball & Jamie-Lee Andrews

Helena x

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