Gold Coast Bridal Industry Inspiration For Your Local Wedding Guide

Professionals Make Things Run Smoothly, Again!

What was the inspiration behind this shoot?

I was talking to Susan from Your Local Wedding Guide, about a photo shoot and how she would like something that hasn’t been seen yet, on social media.  My creative brain started working overtime, as I strolled through the expo, they put on twice a year, at the Gold Coast Convention Centre and ideas started to formulate.  I spoke to some of the exhibitors at the expo and even though, we were heading into our busy season, it’s just like me to push my boundaries and so, I started asking who would like to participate in a styled shoot?  It didn’t take long for other like-minded, creative individuals to also push their boundaries and within ten days we there shooting.

Majority of the suppliers are also affiliated with Your Local Wedding Guide too.

What are some of the highlights you had during the shoot process:

When you place a group of creative professionals together, who are not only some of the best in their field and know what they are doing and how to make it run smoothly, they can also add input and advice; they make everything look easy with beautiful images and stronger friendships, within the industry and out. 

Did you face any challenges on the day? If so, how did you overcome them?

The only challenge would have been if the weather decided to not play nice, but Mother Nature gave us a beautiful day and even though, there was a lot happening that day, all the vendors worked in sync.

What led you to decide on this venue/shoot location?

I wanted to use vendors that were mainly affiliated with Your Local Wedding Guide.  I knew I was going to be using W Events Group for the styling, as Cindy and I had been wanting to put something together for a while, but timing was never right.  When you don’t allow any time, it seems to work better, when organising a styled shoot, as the answer is either ‘yes or no’ straight away and you must think on the run, so to speak.  When discussing the venue, Cindy suggested Royal Pines Resort.

I have a lovely working relationship with Chantel from Royal Pines Resort, so they were the first I asked, and they jumped onboard straight away.  Even though they had several other events happening that same day and during the week, Chantel made everything run smoothly for us on the day, even supplying six buggies for us, so that we didn’t have to carry everything by hand.

I love both Rezolution Photography and J’Adore Wedding Video and Photography.  I haven’t worked with either of them on a styled shoot before and they really made it so easy.  Again, all I had to do was supply a few images, to give them an idea of what I was trying to achieve and left the rest up to them.

Nanda from Rezolution Photography and her second shooter Matt were taking still shots only.  I was guided a lot by her, before the shoot and during the day, to make sure we were both on the same page.  What Nanda and Matt produced, blew me away, when looking at some of the raw footage, as the day went on.  When it came time to culling the images, it was so hard, as they were all so very good.

When it came time to the final cull and edit, Nanda was unwell, and I thought the first release of images may not be ready in time.  She did not let me down and to my complete surprise they were ready.

J’Adore Wedding Video and Photography was not ready, at the time of going to print for the magazine however, I do have it now and am excited to share it with you.  I love how they capture the detail and even though they too, are always busy, Rob and Isla never disappoint with the results.


I met Johana from Sweetart Creations Cakes at Royal Pines Wedding Open Day at the begin of this year.  Her stand was next to mine and anyone who knows me, knows I have a separate stomach for dessert! I am also trying to cut down on sugar, but having her next to me that day, took a lot of self-control, which I’m not known for having when it comes to sweets.  I thought I did so well not to have any, until Johana offered me a taste test.  Well that was it!  Her cakes are ABSOLUTELY DIVINE!  I went back for seconds of all the flavours on hand.  The ratio of taste, moistness, weight, sweetness and flavour sent my tastebuds into over-drive.  You seriously must have a taste of Johana’s cakes.  You too, will feel like you have died and gone to heaven!

At Your Local Wedding Guide Bridal Expo in August this year, at the GCCEC, our stand was near Shane Vincent Celebrant.  Several of my brides have used Shane as their celebrant on their special day and now I know why.  He is almost like a stand-up comedian and had me relaxed and laughing most of the time, for his part of the shoot.  If he can relax me on the day, I am co-ordinating a shoot, then just imagine what he can do with a bride, groom and all their entourage.  They really must have a ball!

If any of you have followed me on social media, you will see I have often used Amanda Higl hair and Makeup, Black Jacket Suiting and now also Conk & Co. Grazing Platters.  This is because they are so easy to work with and know me so well, I hardly need to say much for them to use their creative minds to complete the story.

HMUA Amanda is so quick and on point, her clients and models alike, always look wonderful with the makeup and hair lasting the entire time and often beyond.  Amanda is also my sounding board too, when I sometimes have my head in the clouds going creatively over the top, she helps steer me back to a more manageable level.

Ryan from Black Jacket Suiting and I met last year, at The Links Hope Island Wedding Open Day and right from the beginning we hit it off.  He has always made himself and his clothing available for every shoot I’ve asked him to participate in; some he was only given seven days to have a suit fitted, altered and dropped off ready to go

Lauren from Conk & Co. Grazing Platters and I met for the first time at this shoot, as previously, contact was only via internet.  I saw her work on instagram and loved her style and how she put the food together.  The way she would mix certain items of food together, I thought it would never work, but after tasting them, was blown away.

What lead to choosing the vendors for this shoot?

Venue and Stylist/Florist.
I have already explained Royal Pines Resort and W Events Group, but there is one added bonus when working with W Events Group – they have a florist onboard, so this meant I only needed to give W Events Group a vague idea of what I was trying to achieve, through a few images and left the rest up to them.  As an added bonus there were several floral arrangements to choose from on the day. It really was that easy!

What was your favourite detail about the shoot day?

There are so many things I loved about our shoot, as there were so many different images created, but if I had to pick only one, it would be the scene, where the food was displayed on an old Singer peddle sewing machine.  So unique and so me!  Although, I do love the images where the models are lounging in the peacock chairs.

Favourite moment/s from the day:

Favourite moments were the excitement and fun, all the vendors put into the shoot.  It was so great to finally meet some of the vendors for the first time in person, as we had only communicated online till that day.  It was almost like a reunion.  Loads of talking, laughter and ideas popping out of our creative minds.  Whenever I’m organising a styled shoot, I only like to give a basic run down of my vision and allow the professionals to develop the rest and see what evolves.

Improv usually always happens at every shoot too and this one was no exception.  A few of us happen to see a lady walking her standard poodle in the distance and we thought how good it could look to have some images with the dog in the photo.  So many weddings these days have the “fur Babies” at the wedding, that there are now businesses that look after the fur babies and their transport.  Jenny the owner of Chantilly Lace was only too happy to oblige when asked if her dog could participate in the shoot.  Jenny said Chantilly had only just been to the doggy salon yesterday for a full pamper, including having her nails painted.  It was eant to be!

On another note…

I really want to say a very big THANK YOU to all the vendors involved.  Without each one of you coming together, when I know you are all busy with work and other commitments, really means the world to me.  I appreciate all the effort, time and money you devoted – You are the best!

Thank you

Helena xo

Vendor credit list:

RACV Royal Pines Resort
Ross Street, BENOWA Queensland 4217

W Events Group

Rezolution Photography

Helena Couture Deigns

Amanda Higl Hair and Makeup

Men’s Wear
Black Jacket Suiting

Sweetart Creations Cakes

Conk & Co. Grazing Platters

Shane Vincent Celebrant

Maddyson and Tino
bymaddyson (instagram)

Nika and Alex (Competitive Ballroom Dancers)
Alex & Nikita (Facebook)

Chantilly Lace (Standard Poodle) Jenny Hyland

VIDEOGRAPHY (still to come)
J’adore Wedding Videos & Photography

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