An emotionally charged elopement styled shoot with Helena Couture Designs and her creative team of experts

Helena Couture Designs – Exposed!

Hi, I’m Helena from Helena Couture Designs and have been wanting to do the perfect shoot at Twin Falls waterfall, Springbook for ages, but each time we went to shoot there, we never made it to the end destination.  There is so much breathtaking scenery, we would always be caught up in all the locations leading to the waterfall and run out of daylight.

I met Luke, from Luke Middlemiss Photography last year and fell in love with his natural style of photography that shows through in all his work.  He is just as enthusiastic about his chosen profession, as I am about mine and from two very passionate people our story began, and the results ended up being beyond what I could have ever imaged.  Luke also suggested we get a cinematographer on board to give an added edge to the shoot and so came Sean from Creative Flow Studios and boy did he impress.

Amanda, from Amanda Higl Hair and Makeup, who often works alongside me in styled shoots was just as excited about the ideas Luke and I were coming up with and made sure she had that day whole day free, to follow us up the maintain, to help with touch-ups and the like.  This was one shoot I had mentioned to her about two years ago and it was one she didn’t want to miss.

Laura, from Lola’s Wild Flowers, is always available for our shoots and I was humbled that even though she was booked solid the month of the shoot, due to her work load, she still found time to create floral art for the shoot.  It was only afterwards, she said how snowed under she was.  Now that is dedication and I love her even more for it.

Ryan, from Black Jacket Suiting, who I only met last year too, is also always accommodating, supplying the outfits for any shoot I require a male model.  This week was tricky, as he was going overseas, but leaving his shop in the hands of his number two, kept everything running smoothly.

So, I had the photographer, HMUA, Florist and Menswear sorted and just needed the models.  I have a few favourites I like to fall back on, but Amanda and I really wanted a new female face for Helena Couture Designs.  Luke recommended Courtney Angilley, who as it turns out, is the same Courtney I used to always request when participating in fashion parades organised with models from Tamblyn Models.  Luke also suggested that we use Sam Ball again, as the two of them work well together and shooting them is just too easy, due to their professional work ethics.  I should also mention that Sam was living two hours away, but still jumped at the chance to be in this shoot, knowing who was involved.  I was also personally humbled again, knowing that his model and acting career has taken him to destinations around the world, and acting as a River Boy in Home and Away and was happy to model for us now and the in the future.

I always want the vendors I work on a shoot with, to do what they do best, with minimal guidance from me.  I give them a very rough idea of what I’m thinking of creating and collect the ideas of all involved to help shape the shoot, using their immense knowledge and inspiration to contribute to what evolves on the day.  This way all vendors can showcase their creative talent in the work they produce.

Luke suggested to take the shoot a step further and not only “trash the dress”, but include a romantic love scene, to inspire couples marrying, to go that one step further and create timeless emotional overload.

And we did it!  These images are pieces of art, which without the support of all involved, it would never have happened.  When you work with professionals the day doesn’t seem like work and that day was no exception.  It was perfect, no it was beyond perfect and we have all agreed to a future shoot and see if we can out do ourselves.

No dresses were hurt or damaged in the making of this shoot. 😊

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