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Was It Fate Or Destiny?

Fate (Noun)
The Development Of Events Outside A Person’s Control, Regarded As Predetermined By A Supernatural Power.

Destiny (Noun)
The Events That Will Necessarily Happen To A Particular Person Or Thing In The Future.

Floyd and I were introduced from friends, funny story, the guy I was chatting to and interested in introduced me to his friend group which is how Floyd and I met. We became best friends but lost contact as life happened with graduating school and moving. Floyd found me on Facebook but looked different then he used to look and I wasn’t sure if he was the same guy.

I accepted him and received a message saying “hey, how have you been?” My response was “IT IS YOU!!”

We didn’t plan anything, we had both given up on relationships for a while but we just clicked and couldn’t stop the relationship from forming.

It was so much fun working with Jessie and her mum on her wedding dress. Trusting me to dye her lace to her favourite shades of green, humbled me. Every bride deserves to feel special and not just on her wedding day. I was happy, knowing that all Jessie’s appointments and communication on her journey, were stress free and looked back on fondly. I knew I had done my best. Knowing her husband shed a tear of joy, when seeing Jessie for the first time that day, all made up, than I did a better job than I thought possible. I wish Jessie and Floyd all the very best. xo

In Jess’s own words
When I met Helena I had random ideas of what I would like my wedding dress to look like but I couldn’t put it all together, after an hour of chatting to Helena we had it figured out. Each dress fitting was magical, more would be added making my dress more and more unique.
Helena made me super comfortable and my mum and I loved every fitting getting to know and have a chat to Helena while she worked her magic.
The finish product of my dress was amazing! I couldn’t believe I was getting married in something so special and so me!
I would always 100% recommend going to Helena and love the fact I took the leap to go unique and different and trusted Helena to bring it to life! .
Thank you so much Helena!! 💕


First piece done.

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