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Chris And Colby Weren’t Looking For Love, But Love Found Them Anyway.

How We Met.
We meet at an end of season speedway dinner/presentation night. My mum was having a whinge to a family friend about how content I was being single and looked like I would never get married, the family friend knew Chris who happened to be at the dinner and thought he was a nice chap and introduced us. We kept in contact over Facebook for a few weeks and then had our first date on the 3rd state of origin night on the 8th July 2015.

The only thing is we both were not going to go to the dinner… I was supposed to work a night duty, but my dad complained how I was working all the time and didn’t get to do much with the family. So, I called in sick and went to the dinner. Chris isn’t the most social person and was going to bail on the dinner, but our mutual friend Dave convinced him to go.

And the rest is history.

I loved every minute Colby and I shared during the creation of her dress. Her complete confidence in me made working with Colby such a breeze. With such a beautiful soul that resonates around the people she is with is so refreshing and cathartic. I truly wish you and Chris all the happiness life has to offer. It was a pleasure to share this journey with you.
Helena  xo

In Colby’s Words…
I could not recommend Helena enough! After months of trying to find a dress in the stores, I by chance had a chat to her husband at a wedding expo. Prior to this I had not even considered getting my dress made, but after one phone call she already had me excited, and after our initial consult my mother and I were both confident that Helena was the person for me!
The whole process was great, never once felt uncomfortable and from the get go I knew it was the right decision. The end result speaks for itself; my dress was absolutely beautiful! Thank you Helena!

Chris’ Vows

Colby, There’s not a day that goes by where I am not grateful to have you in my life.

I am very lucky that you chose me to be you partner in crime and accomplice, to take on all of life’s joys and challenges.

I admire your drive, determination and tenacity that you furiously apply to achieve your goals, which inspires me to be better.

I’m humbled by your patience with me, even with all the over thinking and my seemingly uncanny ability to not have things finished off until the last minute…including these vows.

I love the frequent happy moments you have where you bust out your infectious smile and cheeky giggle, which radiates through your entire body.

I love you Colby, you’re the love of my life, my soul mate, my best friend and I truly look forward to tackling our future together.

I would now like to call upon the people here present to witness that I Christopher James Crowe take you Colby Mae Stephenson to be my lawful wedded wife.

Now I know it’s a tough gig, but I promise to be your food tasting guinea pig any time you’re cooking up a storm.

I promise to support you in all the endeavors you choose to undertake, no matter how lofty.

I also promise to be your personal designated driver.

Last but most importantly, I promise to be there to support you always, to love you unconditionally and be faithfully yours till the end of my days, love you more.

Colby’s Vows

Chris I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found you. It’s crazy to think that we both almost missed out on the opportunity to meet each other on that night. I know that I am so thankful that dad convinced me to go to that dinner, and David for convincing you. 

You make my world more exciting and loving and I could not imagine it without now. I can see the way you love me in the way that you look at me, that your always up for a cuddle, even when I have annoyed you and that you always support me when I am gun hoe on a crazy idea. 

I love you in that way that you help me see reason when I am angry and irrational, your patience and calm nature, your acceptance of my love for country music and most of all your humour, including your bad dad jokes. 

I think we make the best team, I bring you out of our shell, you calm my crazy and we both push each other to be a better person and achieve great things. 

Today, I call upon the people here present to witness that I Colby Mae Stephenson take you Christopher James Crowe to be my lawful wedded Husband.

I promise that I will believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself. 

I promise to always get you ice cream, even when I threaten that you don’t need it. 

I promise to hold your hand tight, to always tell you I love you before we go to bed, no matter how hard the day has been. 

I promise to be your speedway buddy, even when travelling to the track takes longer than the racing itself. 

But most of all I promise to be yours, to love you as much as humanly possible and make sure we have the most adventurous and exciting life that we can together! 

Wedding Vendors:
Photography: True North Photography
Dress: Helena Couture Designs
Location: Cowbell Creek, Austineville 
Flowers: Missy La’Belle 
Invitations: Colby
Celebrant: Jacinta Slater
Cake: Little Cake Place
Hair/Makeup: The Style Room 
Letters: Event Letters

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