Tahana, Celebrating Her Year 12 CAC Formal With Cyclone Oma.

Tahana – Born Into The World Of Fashion

My intelligent, beautiful daughter Tahana, is no newcomer to the world of photo shoots, fashion and design.  She has inherited my creative flair and passion for art and innovation and has gained experience in most areas of the business. From her early years, she has had an amazing eye for fashion and style.  Being a strong-willed child, she was comfortable in her own skin and knew her own identity; rarely listening to my advice as an adult or professional.

I involved my children into my family business from a young age, starting with paying them 5 cents for each crystal or pin they picked up from my workplace floor.  They were very aware that pins were sharp and deserved respect (they hilariously mimicked our words of warning) and that 20 x 5 cents soon became a dollar.  They quickly became excellent at their 5 times tables!

Behind the scene at the Queensland Brides Design Awards 2009.

With Tahana’s natural flair for the industry, she loved the catwalk.  She had a fascination for flower-girl dresses and with me making them for other little girls, she decided that she should have her own.  I could not avoid her beautiful puppy-dog eyes for long and found a way to include her into a Queensland Brides Design Awards.  The loop-hole we found was that a flower-girl dress could be considered a bridal gown ‘accessory’.  They say ‘never work with animals and children’ for a reason, don’t they?  Tahana however, was the exception to the rule; she was the star of the show!  She worked the catwalk and took all the audience’s attention; even stealing the attention away from the actual bridal gown. I learnt a valuable lesson that day too – but it was worth it, as she had an absolute ball and I was super proud of her.

In more recent years, Tahana has been my set assistant helping me co-ordinate many photo shoots.  She has picked up important tips over the years, from the wedding photographers and make-up artists and being very artistic is now talented at applying make-up and being behind the camera.  Along with school and working casually for the family business, she is currently employed by Black Jacket Suiting for marketing on social media.  She has been invaluable to his business.

Image:Bird and Boy Photography | Dress/Jewellery:Helena Couture Designs | HMUA:Goddess Makeup Design | Suit:Black Jacket Suiting

Tahana did copious amounts of planning for her Coomera Anglican College Year 12 school formal dress and we co-designed it.  We had three main criteria to cover; she wanted to show her legs, have a low back and have pockets – as always, she knew what she wanted!  I think she is the hardest client I have ever worked with because she was reluctant to accept my advice.  She wanted a plain and simple navy-blue dress: no feathers, bling and sparkle or lace.

It was ironic that I needed to make my own dress first for another event. This seemed to make Tahana panic that time was running out and that she wouldn’t have a dress to wear to her special event.  As if I would ever let that happen?  I still had to make three wedding dresses, to complete, in two weeks, so there was ample time; eight weeks until Tahana’s school formal and the dress was already in toile (mock version). 

After much coercion, I made her dress and we made the decision together that it was just too plain.  Finally, she took my advice to embellish the bodice with navy-blue vertical beading and Tahana looked absolutely stunning!  What a beautiful journey we have made together as mother and daughter.  We both adore her formal dress; its beauty represents our perfect synergy in family and business life, co-operation and teamwork.

HMUA: Goddess Makeup Design
Menswear: Thank you Ryan from Black Jacket Suiting for giving us the option of two suits for Markus to wear on Tahana’s special day.

Mother and daughter duo.
Dresses: Helena Couture Designs

A special thank you to Nicola from Goddess Makeup Design for doing not only Tahana’s hair and makeup, but also having time to squeeze me in and do my makeup as well..

Tahana and Markus’ mum celebrating Tahana’s formal. Life it too short to be serious all the time. There’s a child in all of us, I just let mine out more than others.

A Quick Snap before the grand entry to Links Hope Island.

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