The Person Behind The Multi Award Winning Australian Bridal Label, Helena Couture Designs.

Helena Karkovic, This Is My Story…

I Thought Today, I Would Share A Very Openly Transparent Story With You All, About Who Really Is ‘The Woman Behind The Award-Winning Wedding Gown Designs’.  Well Here Goes, This Is My Story:

In my very young days with mum, dad and siblings

My siblings at I at my sister’s wedding

For as long as I can remember I have been incredibly strong-willed and independent.  I was one of those children who knew her own mind from a very young age.  As I grew older it was obvious that I was extremely creative and artistically talented and it was of no surprise to my family (in Canberra) that I chose to go into the fashion industry, starting my own business, while still studying for a Diploma of Applied Arts in Fashion Design, a three year full time course at TAFE.

Our wedding day

I met Tony, the love of my life, at age nineteen but we didn’t start dating till I was twenty years old.  Funnily enough there was a natural attraction to each other, but it wasn’t love at first sight.  He saw something deeper in me and accepted me for who I was and still for the person I have grown into today.   Although nine years my senior, and despite us and other family members thinking we did not have enough in common to last, we are still happily together today, some twenty-seven years later and just recently celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary.  In fact, we are even close to both sides of our extended families and have avoided the notoriously challenging ‘in-laws’ ha-ha. How crazy and lucky is that?

Tony with Connor

Tony with Tahana

Tony and I

As we married and really got to know and understand each other more, we realised how similar we were and still are today.  I think it is fair to say we are both loving, kind, meticulous and analytical, sharp-minded and creative individuals, that have the ability to see and operate outside of the box. We have shaped our goals and dreams together – in business and family – as a strong united front.  We highly value trust and respect and chivalry are not dead in our home, thank goodness.

When the kids were shorter than both of us!
Haha, …. not any more.

My children have grown into talented, fun, thoughtful and respectful individuals: we are immensely proud of them.  Perhaps some may have considered us ‘helicopter parents’ or overly protective in their upbringing, but we are grateful our children have been sheltered from some of the under belly of the world and have incorporated our strong morals and work-ethics to become confident, yet humble, generous human beings.  They value positive relationships, that we have hopefully role modeled to them, over the years.

Thanks Helena x

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