Fifty Shades of Spring.

Blooming Beautiful!

The dress that inspired many brides-to-be.
Image by KeykoDesign and Photography

In The Last Couple Of Years, I Have Witnessed A Fresh New Trend And Growth In Popularity For A Beautiful Coloured Floral Lace, That We Offer Here At Helena Couture Designs. 

Its unique balance in textures and fragments of soft colours, offers our brides a diverse choice of bespoke wedding dresses and allows a creative expression, that differs from the traditionally accepted whites and ivories.  

Close up of Spring.

Byron, inspired by Spring.

Odessa, inspired by Spring

I have named the lace ‘Spring’ because it is so uplifting, fun and joyful, like flowers coming into bloom after a cold winter.  It is versatile in how it can be used and applied to create a multitude of looks.  It is soft and subtle in texture and colours; flowing elegantly with the bride’s movements, which seems to invoke a powerful sense of beautiful feminine energy. 

Liana in all her glory of many different layers of lace, inspired by Spring.
Image by Luke Middlemiss Photography.

As a designer, I first laid eyes on the fabric a year before I decided on the vision of how to use it to its full potential.  It is a tulle base with embroidery and laser cut flowers that is unique, exquisite and stunning in design!  Once I started to work with it, I soon realised that it is a chameleon in looks and a game-changer in my industry; extremely versatile to offer a whole range of different styles that suits the bride’s figure. 

Rebecca at her initial consult where we confirmed her design concept and her chosen fabrics.

Looking at the two lace option, one over the other.

Rebecca’s wedding dress evolving. Making small design changes at each fitting.

The finale! Rebecca’s wedding dress, ready for her Bali wedding.

Comfy bride, happy bride.

The happy couple, Mr and Mrs Fraser on their special day.

The pattern can actually be the complete canvas in its own right, or easily blended with other laces to change the look, emphasising the embroidery or foliage to pop out.  When applied to different coloured underlays it completely changes the hues of the wedding dress.  The lace is flattering for all body types and suits all age groups. It is blooming beautiful!

Melanie, inspired by Spring.

Angela with pink tones, inspired by Spring.

Donna in subtle transparency, inspired by Spring.

As a creator, I love the freedom it gives and the inspiration that is resinates within myself and the bride.   At the initial consult, I look at a bride’s figure shape and ideas ‘spring’ to mind, that evolve throughout the creation of her wedding dress.

I feel Spring will forever be the hearts and memory of many who have been and those still yet to come.

Helena x

Until I see you again…

Image by KeykoDesign and Photography

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