Custom Wedding Dresses From Helena Couture Designs Are As unique And Individual As You.

Helena Couture Designs – As Unique And Individual As You.

No Two People Are Identical, Unless You Are An Identical Twin Of Course, Which Is About 3 In Every 1000 Deliveries Worldwide (About 0.3% Of The World Population).  So Why Should Your Dress For One Of The Most Important Days Of Your Life Be Any Different?

Your Brisbane wedding dress should represent you, showing off your inner self and allowing you to shine brightly on your special day.  At Helena Couture Designs, no two dresses are identical.  Once I meet with you at your initial consult, I get a feel for who you are and what you are needing and then move forward from there. 

Our business is aimed at being an intimate studio that caters for your specific needs and shape, rather than a large shop bursting with mass produced dresses that often lack character and charisma with standardised sizing. Our goal is for each client to be able to relax in our professional studio’s beautiful natural setting.

Giving high quality products and good customer service are things that I grew up with as being of upmost importance, and I endeavour to offer this throughout the journey, even with after sales service, if required. I am passionate about what I do and past clients have commented that my down-to-earth and approachable nature has made the whole process more enjoyable and easy for them. They have also said that the biggest drawback to the whole experience has been when they pick up their dress after their last fitting and having to say goodbye; departing as friends. 

Buying the right dress can often be stressful and many brides put it off.  They pleasantly find no judgements and preconceived ideas here.  Being a bespoke designer, I can make absolutely anything and there is no agenda to push. It is all dependant on you, your shape, your style and your preferences and price bracket.  My creative flair can be utilised in each personalised dress and it will evolve – starting with the basics and adding to if needed, with no restrictions.  There is freedom to change and explore different styles and keep within a budget.

I would like to reassure our brides-to-be that I have a wide range of materials at my fingertips and decades of experience, to create and be versatile in their dress design, whether simple or elaborate.  There is a massive scope in what I can do and looks I can achieve.

We have been fortunate in achieving many bridal awards and positive recognition over the years, especially from the Queensland Brides Design Awards, which ran yearly up until 2015.  Since then, we have won awards from other organisations and have gained publicity from bridal magazines, however, our Google and Facebook positive reviews and feedback has been one of the most rewarding and an important focus over the last year.  At the end of the day, our brides are the judge of our performance and the business is getting great reviews!

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