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Marise And Keith: Our Story

In August 2018, Keith Responded To A Message From Marise On A Social/Travel Website. Having Just Wrapped Up Her PhD And After Doing Solo Travel Around Europe And Scandinavia, She Expressed An Interest In Further Travel And Social Outdoor Activity.

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Travel conversations remained central in their initial meetings and by October 2018 they had put together a travel plan for Victoria’s Great Ocean Road in a hired BMW convertible no less! That unforgettable road trip forged a strong connection between them and a mutual desire to just “keep on keeping on”. They increasingly enjoyed each other’s company; whether it was listening to jazz, eating out or being outdoors. They made the most of the Gold Coast beaches by walking or cycling. One of their first defining moments was hatching the idea for a travel blog whilst sipping champagne on a sand dune at the end of their first cycle between The Spit and Broadbeach. Hence was born, where they continue to capture their travel adventures, having so far clocked up over 15,000 km.

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During December Keith met Marise’s network of family and friends who joined them for a rather wild Toff’s and Tart’s-themed party in Surfer’s to celebrate her long-awaited graduation. They went on to join Marise’s family who were camping on New Zealand’s beautiful Coromandel Coast, enjoying romantic sunsets on the beach and exploring local attractions in kayaks.

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Valentine’s Day was perfect timing for Marise and Keith to become engaged, and their wedding date was set for 30th November 2019. It was to be a low-key event at the same venue where they had met just over a year earlier, overlooking the Coomera River at Paradise Point. They were blessed to be able to share this special day with close family and friends, made all the more special by those who travelled from as far afield as Canada, the USA, South Africa and New Zealand.

Image: Natasha Crow Photography, Dress: Helena Couture Designs, Suit: Black Jacket Suiting

Time stood still for them on that day as they faced each other to say their vows and exchange wedding rings.

Marise, you are everything to me.  My trusted friend, my muse, my inspiration, my guide, my lover and my confidante. Life is a journey, and what better person for me to continue with along that unknowing road. To travel with forever. I believe our paths were destined to cross at this time and this place a long time ago.  To put it simply – “It was written” … Marise, you are my soulmate, my twin flame and my one true love. With this ring I give you my promise that from this day forward you shall not walk alone. Let my heart be your shelter and my arms be your home.

Keith … thank you for coming into my life and for embracing my immediate as well as my extended family. I have waited a long time for this day and feel blessed to commit my unconditional love and respect for you, whatever the future may bring. My wish is for us to continue to bring out the best in each other and most importantly, for us to enjoy growing old disgracefully … I give you this ring to symbolise the beauty and a complete sense of belonging I experience when I am with you.

Discussing ideas and playing with fabric

First fitting is a toile.
(mock-up of dress)

Almost finished. Adding “bling”

Finishing touches on last minute additions.

Our special thanks go to Helena (Helena Couture Designs) for Marise’s exquisitely unique outfit; as well as to Ryan (Black Jacket Suiting) for Keith’s shirt that was made to match. Thanks are also due to Marilyn Verschuure for being our celebrant; Helen Dissell (Sugar Art Creations) for our wedding cake; to Natasha Crow Photography; to my son Clyde Robertson for being our MC; to Nickola Lukacs for events coordinator; to James Maaka for his guitar-playing; to Amy and Kaylee for their singing; to Faisal and his staff at Brewed Addictions (now Salacia Waters Restaurant) and last but not least, to Christine Hartigan for Gracie’s matching dress and Jonty’s matching shirt, as well as for quilting matching table mats and a bed cover that we will cherish forever.

Although this is just the beginning of our journey together as a couple, we deeply appreciate Helena’s ingenuity in creating a masterpiece for my wedding outfit. The design evolved to reflect our respective South African and Australian backgrounds, whilst the gorgeous combination of blues in Marise’s dress was showcased at every turn, giving her a sense of lightness and fun.

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