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Springbrook, Perfect For Elopement Images.

Mother Nature Showing Off Some Of Her Wonderous Work She Has Been Creating For Centuries. How Lucky We Are To Have Such Breathtaking And Relaxing Locations, Right At Our Feet.

If You Are An Adventurous Couple And Want Impact With Dramatic Images On Your Wedding Day, Than Springbrook Twin Falls Might Be Perfect For You.

I’ve shot at Twin Falls before and know that the weather is always cooler and there is often less natural lighting than the Gold Coast, due to the old as time trees, that stand tall and canopy all the smaller foliage. There was even the overcast sky and the occasional drizzle of rain, but that didn’t stop my team of wedding professionals. That’s just another day at the office, so to speak.

When shooting in any forest, you need to be aware of whether you want to stand out or blend into the back backdrop. There was a little of both happening here. Courtney, our female model stood out and her husband Will, our male model, didn’t, due to the darker colour of his suit.

In previous forest shoots, I have had the men in a lighter coloured suit, so they were just as prominent as the women. Will’s suit, with the check detail, was chosen to match the waffle fabric of Courtney’s wedding dress Brisbane, so I was happy for Will to blend in a little and as he shaves his head, I felt he stood out enough.


The photohshoot at The Mouse’s House Rainforest Retreat, Twin Falls in Springbrook, captured a diverse array of stunning backdrops in a wonderland of Mother Nature’s beauty.  It began with a romantic rainforest cabin retreat, complete with open fire and secluded outdoor luxury spa.

HMUA & Tiara

Hair and make-up by Bella Brides was elegantly soft and sultry on the bride, and with the addition of natural organic crystals, in the tiara, from Crystal Dreamz by Ali, that enhanced the geometric shapes in the dress. Courtney looked so naturally feminine and sexy.

Husband And Wife

Our married in real life models Will and Courtney, an adventurous and outdoor-loving couple, effortlessly created the romantic love story of a picture-perfect fairy-tale wedding elopement. They had the challenging task of climbing wild terrain in wedding attire, and then, bravely stand on a cliff’s edge in the breeze.  This enabled us to push the boundaries in achieving new and exciting innovative shots.

Wedding Dress

My inspiration for the wedding dress ‘Monique’ at Helena Couture Designs, was one of the last dresses born out of COVID-19 isolation, and my aim was to create a fresh and ultra-modern look, using only remnants of material from existing stock.

The silk organza underskirt comes off, leaving a sexy, playful little number.

Monique is a modern, sexy, playful dress.  It is a mixture of structured bold geometric lines in the bodice, fabric, pleats, and even pockets designed as a feature, contrasting its light, full flowing silk organza skirt.

The silk organza underskirt can go over the top, for a more traditional silhouette.

I love how the structure and softness, from the wedding dress, work so well together, with a similar effect as seen in this shoot with the gigantic cliffs and wild, running streams and waterfalls. Nature in all her wonderous glory.


Our handsome groom Will, was dressed in a dashing grey check suit, fitted especially for him, by Black Jacket Suiting. The geometric check complimented our wedding dress perfectly.


The radiance of the flowers in all the shades of pink through to red, popped against the natural green foliage of the environment, bouquet, and the Groom’s buttonhole. The gold ribbon around the stem of the bouquet, was another lovely touch by Moss n Stone.


Even though the weather was very cold, drizzles of rain and minimal sunlight, I feel the result was breath-taking!  The movement of the natural elements of light and breeze was captured beautifully by photographer Andrew, from Foy & Co. Weddings.  Perfection with the natural and dramatic backdrops of the lush green rainforest, escarpment, waterfall, and caves. 

I am so happy with the artistic photos we created by our talented team of wedding professionals.   I feel the photos speak for themselves and hope you enjoyed our journey!
Helena x

BTS – Slightly wet and cold, but well worth the result. Thank you Will and Courtney. xo

Foy & Co. Weddings

Dress/Accessories/Shoot Coordinator
Helena Couture Designs

Moss n Stone

Men’s Attire
Black Jacket Suiting

Bella Brides

Crystal Dreamz by Ali

Will & Courtney

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