Lux Boho Beach Elopement Styled Shoot, Designer Wedding Dress, Gold Coast

One Of My Favourite Places To Shoot, Is The Spit, Main Beach, Queensland Australia.  There Are So Many Different Areas In Such Close Vicinity, To Give Such A Variety Of Different Scenery, From The Beach To Bush. Perfect For Our Luxurious Bohemian Elopement-Styled Wedding Shoot.

I just love nature, even more as I have gotten older and possibly wiser with age?  I love the beach, the ocean, the sound the waves make, as they crash upon our glorious golden shoreline.  People who know me, might think I’m telling a white lie but I do love the beach, when I’m appropriately dressed for it and expect to bring some remnants of the beach home with me in my car, hair, clothes – you get the idea.  But from this shoot, I never expected the beach to just keep on giving, weeks after this shoot was done, garments shaken, washed and line dried several times, but it did.  How lucky was I?  Even though my OCD sand demons were in overdrive after this shoot, the images were well worth the effort.  Thank you, team!

My creative team and I knew it was going to rain but I listened to my intuition about this shoot and knew the bad weather would hold out for us to get some great shoots.  Mother Nature was impressive.  The storm brewing, south from our location, was delayed when the shoot started, but as the afternoon progressed, so did the weather, a little faster than I would have liked but that didn’t stop us.  If the wind did not carry our bride away in the wind, like Mary Poppins, the shoot would go on.

I always hope for some sort of breeze, when shooting, as it adds depth and movement to the images.  Well we got the wind and the sand that came with it but I controlled my inner OCD sand demons and focus on the end result – beautiful, romantic, soft images, showcasing the love of a couple on their wedding elopement day.

The rain came too, but at the end of our shoot.  I was glad I stuck to my instinct and ignored the weather report from that day.

Enjoy our relaxed, yet luxurious bohemian beach styled elopement.


This shoot was the first time I have worked with Mandy from Mandy Martin Photography and what a breeze (excuse the pun) it was to work with her.  We had already discussed ideas of what we were wanting to achieve and after walking through the scenes a little before the shoot, we had it all worked out, or so we thought.

Mother Nature had us working on the fly.  It’s always best to have an idea of what you are wanting to create but I have learnt that when working with creatives, weather, kids and animals, you need to always allow for the unexpected and in doing so you are rewarded with more than what you could have planned.  When working with professionals, who can adapt to the surrounding environment, will make your wedding day so much more rewarding and memorable.  Mandy made the shoot enjoyable and relaxing, while capturing the essence of our bohemian styled elopement.  Thank you, Mandy.


Natalie from Flowers by W Events created yet another blooming beautiful bouquet.  Natalie knew what the bride was to wear and the flora she picked match the luxurious bohemian two-piece wedding dress beautifully, picking up on all the soft tones scattered throughout the dress.

Hair And Makeup Artist

This is the first time I have worked with Rachael from Aurum Bride, but have seen her work on several of my past brides and was so happy to have her as part of my creative team for this shoot.   The model’s eyes were the feature, accented in shades of deeper shades of colour from the dress and topped off with some sparkle near the inner eye.  Just gorgeous!


Ryan from Black Jacket Suiting collaborated with us again, suppling a sand coloured linen suit, which not only complimented the bohemian styled shoot, the gorgeous backdrop provided by Mother nature, but also being made from natural fibres, linen and cotton.  The off-white shirt and soft pink tie, picking up again on the shades of colour from the wedding dress, finished the look handsomely.


I have worked with Craig from In Season Catering several times and was envious of the models, in the scenes where they ate his artistically layered parfait.  Not only were they able to taste one of his delicious desserts, they were able to sample two of them, as he created two different colour schemes – one matching the soft accenting shades of the wedding dress, but also the tones from our bush images.


Paige and Sam, our models, are an actual couple, outside of this shoot.  I love shooting with real couples, as they already have chemistry, and this shoot gives the couple some gorgeous images for the two of them to keep too.  Paige also models professionally, so it was like second nature for her and she was able to give some guidance to Sam.  It is funny how Sam was a little unsure at first if he wanted to model, never done it before, but not long into the shoot he was relaxed and excited about the water scenes at the end.

I need to remind you the shoot took place at the end of July, and even though it was Autumn at the time, as the evening hits, especially at The Spit, it does cool down considerably when the sun starts to disappear behind the hinterland mountains.  Even so, they had a great time with the water scene, along with memories and images to last forever.


Alison from Crystal Dreamz by Ali had the perfect pair of amethyst earrings to compliment the wedding dress and finish of the luxurious bohemian feel.

Dress, Veil And Shawl

This two-piece luxurious bohemian wedding dress is called LIANA.  She was created a little while back and only from remnant lace and silk.  As you may have read from a previous blog, that after many years of designing and creating wedding dresses, I end up with a huge amount of remnant material.  I hate throwing it away, knowing it will only end up as land fill, so I often donate much of it (expect the tiny pieces).  Some of the lace and silk is too expensive to donate though, so every so often, in the little spare time I have, I like to play with the remnants and let the design talk to me.  It is not too long before I am on a new journey, often experimenting with new techniques, which future brides then benefit from and I end up with a new creation to share.

I kept the style of Liana quite simple, as the detail is in the texture.   Liana is made from eight different laces varying from a soft Chantilly, to corded and guipure, then to the soft colourful shades of the laser cut lace, which create this gorgeous luxurious bohemian look.  Just cutting, placing and hand sewing the lace took over sixty hours, but well worth the hours, even to my pin-pricked fingers, which were relieved when the “complimentary acupuncture” was over.

I was talking to my best friend of over thirty years the other day and she is still amazed, in all the time she has known me, I have never duplicated a design.  I pride myself to always create a wedding dress or formal dress, if the case may be, that is as unique as the client wearing the dress.  My sample dresses reflect what my imagination can create.  An inspiration to what I can create for my client.  The client then takes aspects of what she likes from my many dresses, along with what I suggest will suit her figure shape, colour palette, personality, style of wedding and budget and design a dress which I and my team create just for her.

Helena Couture Designs – As unique and individual as you.

Helena x

Without the effort of all involved, this shoot would never have been possible. So thank you to my wonderful team of creatives…

The Spit, Main Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

Mandy Martin Photography

Flowers by W Events Group

Dress/ Veil/ Shoot Coordinator
Helena Couture Designs

Black Jacket Suiting

Aurum Bride

In Season Catering

Crystal Dreamz by Ali

Sam and Paige

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