Silver Linings Shine Through With Creative Expressions

December seems a great time to put this year well and truly behind us.  As we fast approach 2021, maybe we need to draw on the positives that have occurred as a result of COVID-19; the wonderful silver linings? 

Although for us, numbers of weddings were drastically reduced in 2020, an all-time low, we were able to navigate some altogether spectacularly unplanned and unexpected journeys.  Creating ideas and storylines for our inspiring and innovative photoshoots uplifted our spirits and helped us, soldier on with renewed values. 

This shoot was one of the silver linings of 2020 for us. The second last shoot for this year, which was such a collaborative experience with an unintentional, yet gratifying, all-female management team.  We worked tirelessly to build this shoot from inspiration and ideas to a substantial and tangible event.  

Starting with a colour palette of silk white, champagne, shades of blue, silver, and black, the team embraced the vision and together we were able to create a unique, collaborative work of art.

As most of the models were also dancers, we were able to make this shoot a little more special, incorporating their dance talent, and creating a story of childhood friends, who grew up together, got married, and older together.

A love story, and who doesn’t love that?

Did you spot our international dancer/model/actor, who, during COVID-19, remained grounded in Australia, unable to work at the regular places of employment, such as The Royal Ballet, London; American Ballet Theatre, New York; The Joffery Ballet, Chicago; Dance for the Queen and Obama’s West End , London; Disney’s Nutcracker movie, Snow Prince and Billy Elliot, Australian Tour, as the older Billy Elliot.

This year, with Helena Couture Designs, I am truly grateful to have established many new industry connections and re-established important existing ones.  Organising these photoshoots, re-invigorated all the creative people involved, and introduced me to a wonderful new world of what can be achieved.  It made me realise that nothing is impossible, and with the right people, work ethics, and determination, we can push through any challenges and negativity, with fewer boundaries, and destined to succeed.

Let us now move onwards and upwards together and focus on the excitement of the upcoming holiday Christmas season, merriment, laughter, and celebrations with our dear ones.  Maybe we all have a new zest and appreciation for life.

No more taking things for granted for a ‘normal’ way of life.  It has, however, been the year for reinvention; to look inward at one’s self and rediscover aspects of your work and personal life, that you might have formerly forgotten.

We hope your individual journeys will also be uplifting and fulfilling, and you too can enjoy your personal silver linings.  We look forward to being here for you in 2021, with an abundance of beautiful weddings to share.

Lastly, to the amazing people who helped pull off this creative project, I just want to say a big THANK YOU! I am so proud of you all. It was a blast from beginning to end and I was so lucky to work with such a professional, polite team where everyone was respected, valued, and appreciated. You all did such a wonderful job, and I am excited for everyone to see all our hard work and creativity.

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Helena x

Vendor Credits…

Danielle Knight & Co. Photography & Film
Tilley Film & Co.
Helena Couture Designs
Black Jacket Suiting
Moss n Stone
Evergreen Garden Venue

Huxley School of Makeup:
Carly Kingston HMUA
Gisele Hair and HMUA
Tanika White HMUA
Rozalija HMUA

Glass Management:
Sophie & Haawai
Natalia & Martin
Maya & Torrek
Sam & Aaron
Dianne & Ted
Moet, the Dog

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