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It Is So Hard To Turn Anything On Or Go Anywhere And Not Hear About COVID-19.  Now I’m Not Trying To Pretend It’s Not Here, I Know It Is And Will Be For Months, Maybe Longer; But As A Small Business Owner, What I Am Trying To Do Is Remain Positive, During This Time Of Much Uncertainty. 

I’m in the business of making our client’s dream a reality and I have been lucky that my clients are also doing their best to remain positive, where they can.  2020 will be a horrible year for much of the world but if I can give my clients hope, by doing what I do best, and in turn give them a small ray of hope, then hopefully that little ray hope will spread through all the current doom and gloom.

I’ve always been a “clean freak” but have still taken extra precautionary measures of hygiene and sanitation regarding the COVID-19 not only in our place of business but also with my family, so they too are less likely to be infected and hence, less likely to infect me.

We have kept our current client’s scheduled appointments limited, to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and its business as usual, behind the scenes.  Even though all my client’s have needed to postpone their wedding day, they will still marry and when they do, they will still be able to wear their custom Helena Couture Designs on their special day.

Please stay safe everyone and I look forward to seeing you on the “Other Side”.


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Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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