COVID-19 – Look for the SILVER LINING

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Due To COVID-19 And The Laws In Effect; Social Distancing And Isolation, To Stay Safe And Hopefully Rid Our Beautiful Planet Of This Virus, Helena Couture Designs Has Had To Temporary Close Their Doors.  We Have Also Had To Postpone Our Styled Shoots.

Ben and Hope Photography | Helena Couture Designs | Amanda Higl HMUA | Garden Graffiti | Nathan & Emily | Silver Arrow Boat

Behind the scenes at Helena Couture Designs, we have been busy finishing dresses belonging to our current brides, ready for their next fitting, or pick up, once we open to the public again.
We have also had time to finish some of our new designs and are not only needing models, but vendors who will be interested in joining the shoots too.

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The styled shoots are a collaboration, where I rely on the professionals in their field, to work harmoniously with other team members.  I only give rough guidelines and like the professionals to offer their ideas and expertise in helping create the ultimate styled shoot.  I also ask for individuality in the shoot and try to push our boundaries to create something uniquely beautiful, that will hopefully be picked up by an online publisher, blogger, or both to help share our collaborated images.
All the styled shoots I’ve organised thus far, have been published in one or more magazines and/or blogs, which is great for all involved.

Ben and Hope Photography | Helena Couture Designs | Amanda Higl HMUA | Flowers by W Events | Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove | Arron & Emily

As everyone will be donating their service and time, no money changes hands, but all involved are able to use the professional images, for their own use.
The only exception – the images are not to be used for nefarious reasons.

Please look through our blogs, press and images to give you a conceptual idea of the type of shoots we collaborate in.  We all have a great time and I feel I am easy to work with.  I used to feel guilty when doing these shoots, as it’s so much fun, that it can’t possibly be work? But it is!

If you are interested, be it model or vendor, please comment below your intentions.
If you know of a person, or couple that might be interested, please share this blog with them.

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At Helena Couture Designs we look forward to seeing you on the other side of COVID-19, celebrating with beautiful images everyone can keep and reminding us that life is beautiful and precious.

Take care and stay safe.
Helena x

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