CHANEL by Helena Couture Designs Bridal at The French Quarter, Emerald Lakes, Carrara

“Fashion Is Not Something That Exists In Dresses Only. Fashion Is In The Sky, In The Street, Fashion Has To Do With Ideas, The Way We Live, What Is Happening.” – Coco Chanel

The French Quarter, Emerald Lakes, Carrara, Queensland, was our backdrop and inspiration for this shoot.  You would be excused for thinking this shoot took place somewhere in one of the old cities of France, with the weathered cobble streets and buildings, built generations earlier.

This shoot features our dress CHANEL.  The skirt part of the dress was finished months ago during COVID-19 isolation, but it was the bodice I was having trouble finalising the design.  It was only the week of the shoot, where all the ideas that had been forming and evolving in my head finally, fell into place.

Continuing with the essence of European sophistication, came the faux fur stole, large, yet classic earrings, the flamboyant jacket, the classic up style hair do and natural makeup, the large bouquet, the dessert and the Posh Poodles, whom at times, I think stole the show.

Working with Colin from True North Photography has always been a pleasure and his beautiful images always tell a story.  He and I met up the afternoon prior to the shoot, wondered around for over three hours, to work out exactly where the good lighting was, so we knew where to shoot and what we both wanted from this shoot. Having a rough plan made it easier on the day to work out when to have the vendors arrive for the their section. Being winter, we had limited sunlight which was also occasionally hiding behind the clouds, but that just kept us on our toes.

No matter how much you plan, being creative people, you can often loose track of time and some ideas you had planned are replaced, because the closer you look, other ideas pop up right before your eyes.  It is a really good idea to know the venue you want to shoot at and where the lighting is, which is the most important aspect for photography.  Without good lighting, you are wasting your time.

It was extremely windy and cold, so our female model Georgia was happy for the faux fur stole.  It is a great accessory and actually does keep you warm.

Even though our male model Jared, from Synergy Talent Management, had a coffee to finish, it had that European vibe, so I was happy for that prop to stay while he was being photographed and finishing his coffee at the same time. 

Flowers by W Events did an awesome arrangement.  I only asked they keep with the colours of the buildings and they could go as big as they wanted I wanted the bouquet to be a statement and the bodice the backdrop. The more you looked at the bouquet, the more you discovered; from what you would expect to see, such as a variety of flowers and leaves but also succulents, which colour matched the gorgeous deep shades of the orchids and green foliage. 

Amanda from Amanda Higl Hair and Makeup did an awesome job, yet again.  From the warm shades of makeup on Georgia’s lips, checks and eyes and then accentuating her eyes with the smokey overtures, made her eyes pop.  Georgia’s up style hair was classic sophistication and even though it was blowing a gale at times, only the front tendrils were occasionally swept away from her face.

I have worked with Ryan from Black Jacket Suiting on many shoots and he has always been accommodating and extremely easy to work with and this shoot was no different.  I wanted the suit to be a statement and the jacket did exactly that!  I loved the detail in the jacket and that the groom can stand out too, not just the bride. It’s great that these days, there is so much more available for the groom, than the traditional tux.

I have also worked with Craig from In Season Catering on a few recent shoots and I think he can now read my mind.  Keeping with the colour scheme and French influence he made these delicious desserts.  The raspberries, blueberries and cream made the dessert pop and the plates used also added to the whole look we were going for.  As Craig knows how much I love my sweets, he even made two for me to take home and share with my husband.  They were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!

Then we have Pearl and Vegas from Posh Poodles, who I think at times stole the show, and how could they not?  They are two of the smartest and obedient, dogs I have worked with.  I met them on a previous shoot at the French Quarter, when they were out walking with their owners.  I had their details from that day, and I was so happy they wanted to collaborate with us, when asked.  Many couples getting married now-a-days often have their fur babies at the ceremony which often stay for the photos too, so I thought having them would not only complete that look but also add to the French vibe.

I know I have said it before, but I really am so incredibly lucky to be able to work with such talented, creative and professional people, who are happy to push their own boundaries to create something new and inspiring. 

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Helena x

It Only Seems Fitting To Finish This Blog With Coco Chanel – “In Order To Be Irreplaceable One Must Always Be Different.”

Thank You
It is always so much fun collaborating with such a great team, that it’s hard to say it’s work.
I would like to thank my team of creative industry professionals, who helped turn my dream, this shoot, into a reality…

Vegas and Pearl with their owners Jacqui and Laura

Emerald Lakes French Quarter

True North Photography

Flowers by W Events

Dress/Accessories/Shoot Coordinator:
Helena Couture Designs

Black Jacket Suiting

Amanda Higl Hair and Makeup

In Season Catering

Georgia Phillips
Jared Mahony from Synergy Talent Management
Posh Poodles

As seen in Queensland Brides

Whoever said you should never work with kids or animals, has never worked with Pearl and Vegas. A quick snap of me saying good bye to the pair, while the shoot continues on behind me.

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