Romance at The Grounds with Helena Couture Designs and her bridal team.

Mother Nature Had Her Own Version Of What I Had Envisioned This Dreamy, Outdoor, Romantic, Sun-Drenched Bridal Shoot Would Be And You Would Not Have Guessed It, But She Knew Best. The Bridal Shoot Turned Out Better Than I Could Have Imagined.

The wedding photographer, Claire-Elise, and I both knew it was going to rain the day of the shoot but looking at the forecast for Mt Tamborine the previous day, I thought shooting between 3.00pm and 5.30pm, only umbrella’s might be a requirement and possibly finishing earlier than expected due to lack of natural light.

I woke up that morning and it was bucketing down. Now I knew this would be the case in the morning but easing up from 3.00pm till 6.00pm, even so, I was still worried and rung Claire-Elise a few times that morning and her reassurance relaxed my worries away. There was no way we could have postponed, too many wedding professionals were committed to our styled bridal shoot, and besides, many bridal couples are married on rainy days. If it rained all day, I thought it would give us a better perspective of what bridal couples go through and some bridal images we have not captured at previous styled bridal shoots, due to the lack of heavy rain.

Tyla’s flawless bridal hair and makeup by Amanda Higl was finished earlier than anticipated, so my set assistant Tahana, who dabbles in photography, took some images of the couple with the bridal bouquet, prior to leaving for Mt Tamborine. This was so we hopefully had some images before we were all rain-drenched, but Claire-Elise had that all sorted too and we were able to get some great shots.

Leaving Hope Island was a nightmare, as it was pouring rain, traffic lights were down at Helensvale Homeworld, and were being directed by police, the queue to get to the highway backed up for at least 2km. We were lucky enough to take an earlier exit, through Monterey Keys and only ended up arriving late to the shoot by around thirty minutes.

By the time we got to the bridal shoot on Mt Tamborine, the rain had eased and eventually stopped. Mother Nature gave us a little grace, and we were very appreciative of it.

Claire-Elise was also able to find us a venue, earlier that morning, for some inside shots, called The Grounds, owned by Scenic Rim Wedding Hire. Gareth and Stephanie are the owner-builders of The Grounds, and I cannot wait to see it finished, because even though they are a little way off from completion, the detail inside the building is still magnificent. The detail to many of the finer things, often overlooked in modern houses was not overlooked on The Grounds and when they open the venue to the public, the guests will not want to leave.

I waited with anticipation to see what Sandie and her team, from Moss n Stone, would design for this bridal shoot. I like to always give the wedding vendors a very brief outline for the bridal shoot and see what the professionals in their field come up with. The brief for this wedding bouquet was soft, romantic foliage and colours, where “bigger is also better”! I am sure you can agree that the floral art was worth the wait.

Urbbana’s bridal suits have always dressed to impress. The grooms who are lucky enough to wear these well-tailored, forward-thinking designs always feel special when wearing them and so they should as their wedding day is a special day for them too. The only request I gave Kaan, from Urbbana, was a black tux, preferably with some type of pattern was welcome, if it was black too. The result was superb. Kurt looked so handsome in his suit.

The bridal flowers, dress, and suit complimented each other beautifully, as originally planned, but the building, being a last-minute addition to the bridal shoot, was perfect. I find it’s always these little treasures we discover on a bridal shoot, that emphasizes what we are trying to create. We were in inspiration overload, utilizing many of the finished areas, inside the house, only to remember we still needed to shoot outside before we lost the natural light.

When you relinquish any micromanagement and leave the finer details of your wedding to the professionals, you will be blissfully happier on your wedding day.

Knowing it was going to be raining the day of the bridal shoot, there was a scene we all wanted with the bridal couple, backlit, under an umbrella, while it was raining, but the rain never came and so out came the hose, to give us the rain, we thought we would have had at the end of the day.

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Helena x

Location: The Grounds, bought to you by Scenic Rim Wedding Hire

Photo: Claire Elise Photography

Dress/Accessories/Shoot Coordinator: Helena Couture Designs

Suit: Urbbana

HMUA: Amanda Higl Hair and Makeup

Florals: Moss n Stone

Models: Tyla and Kurt

Earlier on in this blog, I discussed Tahana, my set assistant taking some bridal images before we went to Mt Tamborine, where we thought we would be rained out due to limited shelter.

Tahana, from the age of sixteen, has been my set assistant and second shooter at most of the bridal shoots I’m involved with. Practicing her craft and learning, through on the job training and often catching some lovely bridal shots, as seen through her eyes. Photography is her hobby and I want to share a small snippet of what she saw, during this bridal shoot.

All the bridal images from here down are from Tahana.Karkovic


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