Boho Styled Bridal Shoot Inspiration, For The Adventurous Bridal Couple.

Tallebudgera Creek was the best spot for this lux boho styled wedding elopement shoot. I wanted somewhere relaxing, close to Mother Nature and her elements, to produce images that showed complete opposites, but were also harmonious at the same time.

COVID-19 enhanced a trend of mini or micro weddings, which many bridal couples have jumped at. There has also been an influx of elopements where close family and friends have been supportive of the bridal couple, instead of being annoyed by even the thought, pre-COVID-19.

It has bought back what a wedding really is, the union of two people who love each other and want to share the rest of their lives together in matrimony. Bridal couples have become more adventurous in the way they celebrate their union and I often hear or see images where their passions have been intertwined in their wedding day, whether it be atop a cliff, in a garden, or by the sea, to name a few. This is their special day, and the bridal couples are embracing it completely.

Tallebudgera Creek is a great location if you are wanting a beach wedding without heavy winds. It boasts grass, rocks/boulders, pathways, a refreshing breeze, a useable flat area, which is out of direct sunlight from around 4pm in February, perfect for the ceremony to take place.

Lauren from Lauren Joy Photography was so easy to work with and understood where I was coming from, with the minimal direction I gave her. As you may know, I like the professionals on the bridal shoots I co-ordinate to do what they think will work, with just enough direction from me, to see their creative nature explode with exploration. The results of not micromanaging creative people but collaborating with them is amazing and you all grow creatively from the experience. It truly is beautiful seeing the result of our bridal shoot in Lauren’s light and airy, windswept bridal images.

Ryan from Black Jacket Suiting picked a charcoal wool suit for our groom, to compliment the rockiness of Tallebudgera Creek. The fit was perfect for Nathan, right down to the length of trousers and sleeves. Nathan is quite tall and there is nothing worse to see on a groom, on his wedding day, than a suit that is too short, for a tall man. Ryan is always great to work with. I have only ever heard great compliments from past and present clients, with regards to the variety of stock, their customer service, and the different budgets they cater to.

The bridal hair and makeup by Emilia-Maria was a perfect mix of soft and bold. I love how even though the eyes used natural shades, the dark eyeliner and mascara really framed our bride’s eyes and could look either soft or bold, depending on the lighting, and the colour on her lips just pop! Originally, we thought it might be a windy, rainy day, so the updo hairstyle was a good choice because even though it did not rain, it was windy at times. Emilia-Maria’s bridal art was still just as perfect, apart from a few stray hairs, at the end of the shoot as it was at the beginning.

I am always blown away by Lola’s Wildflowers. Lola’s bridal florals are always breathtaking and I know she pushes herself to her limit and beyond when it comes to her passion. Her style of unruly, untamed wildflowers is a fusion between boho and classic design. The geometry of the angular arbour, and curvature in the chairs, a new addition to her floral wedding business, complimented the structural sculpting of our dress, along with all the floral bridal detail.

The 1975 VW Van was a late and excellent addition to our shoot. I always find, when working with creatives, the design always evolves and expands, keeping only the key elements in place and without fail, always works out better than what we originally planned. This immaculately kept kombi van, named Stella is, owned by Jordan and Mattea and does not look her age. I think my Rav 4, built-in this century looks older than Stella! The inside is so cozy and was a lovely prop for our bridal couple.

Our models, Nathan and Jessie were great sports! You might have seen Nathan model in one of our other styled bridal shoots, but is looking more buff in this one, (girls and some guys, you are welcome 😊). That is because he is not only a personal trainer, located on the southern Gold Coast, that practices what he preaches but is also training for a WBFF (fitness modeling competition) and as you know, he is quite tall with a height of 197cm, so he must work harder to achieve the desired results. Nathan, we wish you all the best in your upcoming competition.

Jessie has such a lovely bone structure and figure shape; she would probably look good in a paper bag. Her skin, the canvas for Emilia-Maria Hair and Makeup is flawless. The only hick-up was Jessie dropped from a size eight at the time of the fitting, down to a size six, the day of the bridal shoot.

I have dealt with many a bride, who has lost weight at the last minute and did exactly what was needed for this dress to fit within such a tight timeframe. Luckily, I always come prepared for the bridal shoots, with my small transportable sewing box and within thirty minutes or so, Jessie was sewn into her dress, with minimal to no sign at all that I had done exactly that. It’s also great planning to always allow a buffer for “something”, as “something” always happens, and this is important for all bridal couples to remember on their wedding day too. Always allow for some wiggle room, you will be glad you did.

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Helena x

Tallebudgera Creek

Lauren Joy Photography

Dress/Accessories/Shoot Coordinator:
Helena Couture Designs

Black Jacket Suiting

Emilia-Maria Hair and Makeup Artist

Lola’s Wildflowers


Jessie and Nathan

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