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Dear readers,

Let me update you on the second, yet most prestigious ‘social event’ of the season.

The highly desirable social event recently took place at Amoresque Estate!  Natural beauties and handsome suitors adorned the spectacular event, and intrigued their audience, as they made their introductions.  Ladies Tina, Polina, Taylor, Georgia, Emily, Abby, and, Ariana exuded elegant poise and precision in their gorgeous bespoke gowns by Helena Couture Designs.  Artistic flair, quality imported laces (from Chantilly, Guipure to 3D layering) silks and satins, innovative designs, and bespoke jewellery were showcased – as unique and lavish as the debutants themselves. 

Presenting Lady Tina wearing ODESSA. Jewellery, and dress from Helena Couture Designs.

Presenting Lady Polina wearing ASHERA. Jewellery, veil, and dress from Helena Couture Designs.

Presenting Lady Taylor wearing ANGEL. Jewellery, and dress from Helena Couture Designs.

Presenting Lady Georgia wearing ISLA. Jewellery, veil and dress from Helena Couture Designs.

Presenting Lady Emily wearing ALEXANDRIA. Jewellery, tulle over skirt and dress from Helena Couture Designs.

Presenting Lady Ariana wearing ROSZA. Jewellery, veil and dress from Helena Couture Designs.

Lord Tahana was dressed in a bespoke wool Black Jacket Suiting ensemble, while Lord Connor chose a ready-to-wear floral embossed patterned, velveteen, navy blue tuxedo, with black satin lapels and black trousers. Both looked so dashing!

Lord Tahana looking dapper in Black Jacket Suiting.


Lord Connor also looking dapper in Black Jacket Suiting.

Lord Connor later changed into a second Tuxedo, designed by Urbbana, which was a black embossed three-piece tuxedo. Only twelve of these handsome tuxedos were ever made. 

Lord Tahana dressed in Black Jacket Suiting. Lord Connor dressed in Urbbana.

The exclusive professionals Emma Louise Hairstylist and Emilia-Maria Makeup enhanced all the debutant’s natural and more dramatic looks throughout the day and well into the early evening.

The picturesque lake is in the heart of Amoresque Estate, nestled between the foothills of Mt Tamborine. The lush greenery was a delightful backdrop, cleverly captured by photographer Sir Nicholas Beissel and motion pictures by Sir Jackson Gooding from JG Videography.  It was a sheer delight to witness such elegance and style.

The couples leisurely strolled in the gardens and danced on the veranda.  They all enjoyed high-tea, sipping from gold-edged bone china tableware or crystal glassware from Magnolia Studios; and had their tastebuds tantalised with the food from The French Patisserie, that linger and last forever in their memory, leaving one wanting more.  Seasonal fruits were deliciously colorful, vibrant, and delectable, highlighting these devilishly delicious treats!

Miss Evelina also joined in the celebrations, enjoying a tasting platter of petite cakes. Her expression showed how delectable these petite cakes were.

Evelina’s tulle skirt is from Helena Couture Designs

Did I mention the florals?  They were exquisite, and locally grown fresh flowers, arranged by Run Wild Florals.  A variety of roses, double-headed tulips, stock, cosmos, and orchids gave a soft pink hue that contrasted the vibrant purples.  In my opinion, it captured and enhanced the lady’s prettiness and femininity. 

Lord Connor and Lord Tahana also boasted buttonholes to match the lady’s florals in both his navy and black tux. 

As one being privy to this fascinating scene, let me share how jovial and relaxing the atmosphere was for such an auspicious occasion.

As the sun started to set, frolicking in the garden came to an end.

That was not the end of this auspicious occasion, only the beginning of the evening events, but that is a story for another day.

Lady Helena x

In my previous issue, I revealed the possibility of a love story between Lord Reece and Lady Jackie.  Today, they were nowhere to be seen.  Could this mean her hand has been taken? 

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Commendations to all those involved in this successful, exclusive event…

I heard that Lady Tina decided to enjoy a sensual scented bubble bath with flowers, sparkling rosé, candles and soft music, gown and all! My, what a devilishly lavish way to end the day. One, I might have to ponder temping myself.

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