Bridal Designer Helena, From Helena Couture Designs, And Her Husband Tony, Celebrate 25yrs Of Marriage.

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary.

My Soul Mate.

Twenty-five years married today,
Who would have thought?
Nobody we knew including you or I,
Thought we would last.
I was too young and immature,
So you were told.
You were too old and of the wrong ethnicity,
So I was told.
You thought I was overdressed and over made-up,
Wondering if a trowel was an essential part of my make-up kit.
You would “conveniently” show up around my lunch break
And we would talk,
Until the day I…
I scared you off.
But only because I was scared.
I missed you…
While you were gone.
But fate would have the final say.
Our lives intertwined well before we first met,
Before sharing my first lunch with you,
Before bumping into each other in public,
We were destined to be together.

And just before our first kiss,
Had me biting my bottom lip,
To stop from quivering.
Why was I so nervous?
I had been kissed before.
But this felt different,
And I was still a little scared.
But it felt right.
You have always felt right!

As the years have come and gone
Our love for each other has changed.
It’s changed,
But it’s stronger and better.
Yes, you are my husband,
But you are more.
You are my friend,
You are my lover,
You are my shoulder,
My rock,
You are my Yang to your Ying,
You are my children’s father,
You are my equal.
Everything we have done
For over half my life,
We have done together,
For each other,
For our children.

Our beautiful family,
We created together.
And yes there were hurdles in life,
Some big,
Some small.
And there will be more,
But as you said,
Our love is the glue for our family.
And with that, we stand strong,
Loving the good, life has to offer
And learning from the hard.
And together we treasure and protect
heart and soul
Till death do us part.
And beyond.   xx

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