Life After COVID-19: The Importance Of Art Illustrated By Designer Wedding Dresses In Brisbane

Helena Couture has been creating bespoke creations and designer wedding dresses south of Brisbane for over two decades. Helena has used her wisdom and insight to collaborate with her individual clients and esteemed vendors. True love, divine inspiration, and a sense of theatre have created the stage for so many artistic creations over the past years. With the enforcement of COVID restrictions, the industry has operated in what feels like a vacuum, and it is this feeling of disconnect that art has the ability to address.

Art And Creation During A Time Of Stasis

A true artist never ceases to create – it is in their nature to make art, to be an artist. It is more than just designing and making. It is like breathing: an act which one cannot live without – an act as natural as existing. When lockdown came into effect, many artists were put into a position where they could thrive creatively, despite the struggles of effectively conducting business as usual. It is not a new concept. Even ancient runes speak about a time of stasis or stillness, in which we all can evaluate and map the trajectory of our futures. 

Art is central to the survival of our species, and it defines the human condition and experience in ways that nothing else can. COVID has proven to us that we need more art, not less, and we should better support the industries that make art. 

Choose Beauty And Celebration

For so many couples that have postponed their nuptials or cancelled them due to the pandemic, it has been challenging to stay inspired and upbeat about the celebration of their love. Wedding dresses are a transient expression of a lifelong commitment. As such, they come to represent a time and space in your life, encapsulated and preserved for all time – much like other forms of art. We express and discover and infuse our life with art, and your wedding day should remain a day of beauty and love, albeit altered in some ways by the rhythms of life.

Helena Couture Remains Dedicated To The Creation Of Art

We are as passionate as ever about designer wedding dresses, with most of our clientele from Northern NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. Get in touch with the Helena Couture team today by calling 07 5529 4203 or using our convenient contact form.

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