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As soon as we put Claudia’s instrument in her hands, any signs of nervousness evaporated.

When Claudia’s mum searched for custom formal dress on the Gold Coast, she didn’t realise the location of Helena Couture Designs was not only close to them, but in the same suburb. This made fittings all too easy, as Claudia was able to pop over on her way home from school.

Using the sheets of music as an artistic visual aid for the sound of music, echoing through the tunnel.

Claudia is a year eleven honours student at St Hilda’s in Southport. But not only is she an A student in the traditional subjects of English, maths and the sciences, but also in music, where she plays three wind instruments, Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet, and Bass Clarinet. She has also repurposed her sister’s flute and has a keyboard too.

We wanted an image where the music sheets were the feature, breaking free, to again give artistic visual aid in hearing the soulful music.

Sharon wanted Claudia to have a formal dress that expressed who she is as a person, allow her funky unique style to shine through and give others more insight into the dichotomy that is Claudia. Sharon and Claudia discussed the idea of a simple traditional 50’s silhouette as the inspiration for the style but using a mixture of textiles that would turn the design into something less subdued and funkier, more Claudia. Sharon asked if I could make a black leather corset for Claudia with a black tulle skirt. She had me at black leather. I was hooked!

Claudia’s corset finished at her waist, as I wanted to emphasize her tiny waistline and the fifteen layers of tulle skirt added to that. Having the front of the skirt at tea-length, while it trailed longer at the back into a small scoop gave Claudia the illusion of extra height, while also being easy for her to walk and dance in, on her special day.

The heritage-listed graffitied Train Tunnel in Earnest was suggested to us by my daughter and what a perfect location for our shoot. The coloured graffiti and her Baritone Saxophone were just the right pop of rich colour. Even though Claudia bought her awesome spikey high heels along with her to the shoot, the photographer and I agreed that her platform Doc Martins were a must and added to the look we were trying to achieve.  Added to that was her leather jacket, bought along for warmth towards the end of the shoot but looked great as an additional prop too.

The change of lighting changed the mood of the image, giving off a jazzy vibe, which perfectly matched Claudia’s instrument and look.

Sharon, Claudia and I had a great time at her fittings and her shoot, but most of all Claudia felt special in her formal dress and with the number of hours she spends studying, she deserves to feel special at her formal and enjoy the night off to party.

Claudia, we wish you an awesome night. Party on!

Helena xo

Thank you to our wonderful team of creative experts…
ViviDante Photography

Hair and Makeup Artist:
Chystal Alekna

Dress and Jewellery:
Helena Couture Designs

Claudia, you are so much more than what people see. I love your spunky attitude and was happy to share this journey with you and your mum. Continue taking new and wonderful journeys, while wearing your Dr. Martens, of course.

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Here are some images from our second shooter It’s Tahana.

Sharon’s Testimonial…
Claudia wanted a tailor made dress for her school formal. Helena was on board straight away to do something different and edgy that was essentially Claudia and that nobody else would have. We designed her dress as separates enabling her to wear the skirt and bodice for years to come. Helena was the absolute professional and ensured that mother and daughter were completely involved in the process. We had such a great time!!! Would recommend Helena to anyone wanting a professionally, quality made garment.

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