Creative Collaboration Of Bridal Art From Mitchell Chooi And Helena Couture Designs Bridal

It’s always so much fun when artists from the wedding industry get together and create a little magic, which I like to call bridal art.

Helena Couture Designs Bridal

These three bridal photo shoots were shot by Mitchell Chooi, showing that his creative diversity has no limits, featuring Helena Couture Designs’ wedding dresses. The three teams of bridal industry professionals and models, who worked alongside him, have been extremely successful in completing the look, which is evident in these images.

Wedding Dress

I was excited to see the end result of these photo shoots.

I hope you enjoy the imagery, as much as we did creating them, and it inspires you to think outside the box for your wedding day.

Look at the angles Mitchell took the images at. How the models use their props, utilize their surroundings, how they work the wedding dresses, the way they stand, and the position of their hands, arms, etc. Many brides now do a boudoir shoot, prior to their wedding, and either have digital images or a little book and give it to their husbands as a gift on their wedding day/night/honeymoon.

Bridal Shoot #1 With Riley:

Riley’s wedding dress shoot took place at an unusual location, a friend’s place. The bridal dress ‘Aphrodite’ and the black and white feathered skirt from ‘Plumage’ were showcased in this modern and eclectic property. The striking and contrasting backdrop spotlighted the beautiful avant-garde style wedding dresses. Makeup artist, Theresa Eltagonde, did an excellent job matching the makeup style to the dresses.

Photographer: Mitchell Chooi
Model: Riley Aston-Kampioti
HMUA: Theresa Eltagonde
Dress & Accessories: Helena Couture Designs 

Bridal Shoot #2 With Molly :

Bridal shoots can be creative, and the more creative, the more we at HCD love them. Instead of the common stereotypical location/backdrop, this bridal shoot was inspired by the avant-garde styled bridal gown ‘Evelyn’, with a matching hand-held mask. The location was in a warehouse in Brisbane, which created both an artistic and modernistic feel. 

Model Molly is one of a kind; quirky, professional, and remarkable to work with. Pairing her with equally quirky, hair and makeup artist Stephanie, the result was extraordinary.

Photographer: Mitchell Chooi
Model: Molly Lowry
Agency: Rebel Rebel Agency
HMUA: Stephanie Langford
Dress & Accessories: Helena Couture Designs

Bridal Shoot #3 With Natasha And Maria:

This bridal shoot took place at a revamped old Bavay distillery and surrounding areas. Artistic avant-garde wedding gowns ‘Poppy’ and ‘Pia’ are featured in another non-conventional location. Models, Natasja and Maria were both relaxed and friendly and were so easy to work with. Beautifully natural hair and makeup were created by Marie.

Photographer: Mitchell Chooi
Model: Natasja Kastbjerg, Maria Harrison
Agency: Rebel Rebel Agency
HMUA: Marie Le
Dress & Accessories: Helena Couture Designs

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