Austinvilla Bridal Shoot With Byron By Helena Couture Deigns

When I hiked Austinvilla, I saw so many areas to shoot, which started to form a story for how I hoped the imagery to flow. It ranged from the treehouse, chook pen, creek, tree stumps, massive fallen trees, main suite, and spa, to the pool! Anyone who knows me knows, if there is a large enough body of water and the models are game, I love ending up with the couple in the water. I prefer to find models, who are a couple, especially for the water scenes, as they are often more intimate, and our models Emily and Hayden were awesome! The water was freezing but the images were worth the cold water and these images will be treasured for all, especially Emily and Hayden. It was when I saw the treehouse that my story began for the imagery, which is very loosely based on me:- There was a little girl who loved dressing up and Cinderella was her favourite story. She loved the dresses – all types of “princess” dresses (OK, yes this might give away my age a little, but I don’t care, I’m young at heart). This little girl used to look at all her mother’s evening dresses in the hope that she would one day be able to wear them when grown up. Our young model Maya, who is the daughter of Danielle, our Photographer from DK & Co. Photography and Film, starts the story in the treehouse. She is a child who is all dressed up and having a tea party. (Later the imagery is of the “grown up” Maya, which is played by Emily, with partner Hayden). The journey of imagery shows Maya on her family farm, going from the tree house to the main suite, where she is then jumping on the bed. I wanted her to act her age, which she did to perfection! She then meets up with Bentley, the son of the owners of Austin villa, and together they climb trees, go to the chook pen, climb fences and “run-a-muck”. The imagery shows them having fun and being carefree. Who said you should not work with kids and animals? They did an awesome job!

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