Four Things We Wish Brides Knew Before Shopping For A Wedding Dress

Image : Thurtell Photography

So you’re engaged! Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. Now that you have a ring, you can begin thinking about your dream wedding dress. Searching for your perfect wedding gown is likely the most important shopping trip you will ever do. 

As a multi-award winning bridal label specialising in custom wedding and formal dresses at affordable prices, we have an authority in this area and can save you some hardships when acquiring your dream dress. 

Your wedding gown is extremely special compared to any other piece of clothing you will ever shop for, design or wear in your lifetime. It is uniquely yours and meant for you on your big day. With so much meaning placed on one item of clothing, the process of looking for the perfect dress can sound daunting, which is why we are here to help! 

1.    Research, Research, Research 

The first step of finding or designing the perfect dress is doing your homework. Are you looking for a certain trend or style? Are you hoping to match a certain theme? These are the types of questions you will need the answers to before you start the process of finding your perfect dress.  

2.    Have An Open Mind 

We understand the need for everything to line up on your special day and that you’ve spent hours combing through Pinterest. While it is important that you have inspiration and at least know in which direction you are headed, having an open mind during your consultations and meetings with your designer will ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. 

3.    Set A Budget 

Before you set foot into any bridal boutique or design studio, make sure that you have a budget set. You don’t want to end up with lower budgets for your venue, catering and flower arrangements just because you didn’t set a limit. 

4.    Give Yourself Ample Time 

Finding or making the perfect dress won’t happen overnight. Try to get started as early as you can, and give yourself plenty of time to browse, get inspired and meet with designers. You won’t regret taking your time with this decision. When the time comes, you’ll know that you made the right choice. 

For a custom wedding dress on the Gold Coast that is unlike anyone else’s, get in touch with Helena Couture Designs. We design gowns of the highest quality and to your exact measurements and specifications. We can’t wait to dress you for your dream wedding on the Gold Coast or its surrounding areas.

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