Accessorising Your Wedding Dress In Brisbane

When It Comes To Choosing The Accessories For Your Big Day, There Is A Lot More To It Than Just Picking Out A Veil. You Want To Ensure That You Achieve A Cohesive Look That Is True To Who You Are!

Unsure Of Where To Start? As Wedding Dress Designer Brisbane, We’ve Put Together A Brief Guide To Accessorising Your Wedding Dress.


Choose A Dress First

It’s best to be sure of your wedding dress before you start picking out jewellery and accessories. Think of your wedding dress as the star of the show and the accessories as the supporting cast.

There are so many wedding dresses to choose from in Brisbane. You have everything you could ever wish for in one area.


Stick With One Metal

It’s not just wedding days that call for you to stick to either silver or gold. Mixing silver and gold jewellery can look shabby and confused. If your dress has any metal detailing in it, it’s best to stick with the metal that is on your gown. Most people also have a metal that they’re drawn to more than others, so if you’re someone who loves wearing silver, you should stick to it and not change to gold just for your wedding day. You may feel not quite yourself.


Think Of Your Overall Look

Try not to over accessorise, but you should think of your overall look. Your shoes, bag and veil, should somewhat tie in with your jewellery and dress too.


Your Time To Sparkle

Your wedding day is the chance for you to wear something extra sparkly! If diamonds, pearls and precious gems are in your budget, your wedding day may be the day to wear them! If you have any family heirlooms, you may be able to modernise them and create a few special pieces that incorporate your family’s heritage.


Speak To A Professional

Booking an appointment with a professional designer will give you insight into creating a cohesive wedding day look.

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