Autumn Wedding Season Trends

Autumn is generally the busiest season for wedding photographers, planners, caterers and boutiques for finding the best bridal gown in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Wedding calendars fill up far in advance in Autumn thanks to the season’s aesthetically pleasing colour palette, the idyllic golden lighting for photographs and the stable climate accompanied by soft breezes.

This year’s autumn wedding trends see weddings becoming more intentional, focusing more on the guest experience, personalised details, as well as local destination themed weddings, rich floral decor and show-stopping bridal gowns.

Take a look at the trends defining the Autumn wedding season for 2022.

Local Destination Weddings

2022 has already seen a rise in popularity for destination weddings, as travel restrictions have eased and vaccines have become more widely available. However, many people still remain wary of travelling too far, so the trend for destination weddings are now set a little closer to home. Australia is ideal for destination weddings as we are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to unique destinations and spectacular natural backdrops. Choosing a location, whether coastal, regional, wine-country, lakeside, countryside, will affect the aesthetic, cuisine and decor for your wedding. As you can imagine, Autumn leaves its distinct characteristic on all of these locations. This Autumn, Australian destination weddings are becoming the perfect way for couples to celebrate with their families outdoors, in breathtaking settings, without the stress of international travel.

Iconic Autumn Florals

Rich red tones, ivory, and dark leafy greens go well with a wide range of accent colours for truly show-stopping floral bouquets. An Autumn wedding aesthetic is never complete without the iconic florals that go with it. Carrying through the Autumn floral themes from the ceremony to the reception is a great way to ensure an elegant cohesiveness that your guests will love. Autumn florals provide ideal decor for traditional white wedding cakes, and the theme can be carried through to taste as well. Spiced up desserts incorporating seasonal flavours like pumpkin, apple and cinnamon are the perfect complements to Autumn floral themes.

All About The Guest Experience

2022 sees an overall upward trend towards weddings centred around the guest experience. From personalised invitations to subtle details during the day. Couples are focusing more on their guests’ comfort. In Autumn, this can mean providing coffee stations for guests to stay warm and opting for typical seasonal, autumn-themed comfort dishes, with a wide range of options and alternatives to cater to all tastes. With the weather in Autumn ranging from mild to a slight chill in the air, it’s also important to consider what you can do on the day to provide warmth and comfort. Consider heating the venue or providing guests with the option of scarves and blankets for the reception. Hot tip: tartan patterns are synonymous with Autumn.

Bespoke Bridal Gowns 

In Autumn, it is popular for brides to opt for off white, cream or ivory bridal gowns to complement the decor on the day. Just as 2022 autumn weddings will focus on guest experience, it will also offer brides the best in autumn-inspired wedding gowns. Brides often opt for statement pieces, accessorising with floral golds and brightly warm-coloured jewels. However, there is no set rule for what a bride should wear on her wedding day; finding the perfect fit is a top priority. At Helena Couture Designs, we provide bespoke bridal gowns designed individually to your figure, personality, budget, autumn colour palette and destination theme.

Established on the Gold Coast in 1999, Helena showcases passion and professionalism in her design. Expect exquisite hand detailing, luxurious fabrics and laces highlighted by stunning Swarovski Crystals. Helena shares in the excitement of her brides and provides a personalised level of service, investing in each bride’s experience to the fullest, adding to the memorable experiences leading up to the day. Brides searching for the perfect Autumn bridal gown in Brisbane are sure to find it at the finest bridal boutique on the Gold Coast – Helena Couture Designs. Get in touch today

Photographer: KeykoDesigns
HMUA: Amanda Higl Hair and Makeup
Florals: Lola’s Wildflowers
Jacket: Black Jacket Suiting
Dress & Accessories: Helena Couture Designs

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