Avant-Garde Bridal And Evening

One Of The Most Anticipated Days In Your Life Is Approaching, Your Wedding Day. You’re Looking Forward To Arranging And Designing The Wedding Of Your Dreams, And You’re Already Aware That You’re Eager To Spice Things Up A Bit. You Aren’t A Conventional Bride, And You Want Your Brisbane Wedding To Translate The Inner-You, An Extravaganza For Every Attendee To Experience. Most Importantly, You Certainly Need A Dress To Match Your Unique Vision. This Is Where Our Cutting-Edge Line Comes To Life.

At Helena Couture Designs, I am a believer that every woman deserves to harness her true essence and that that should be embodied in every part of her wedding gown design. It’s your big day, and you deserve to be as outlandish and creative as you see fit.

Avant-Garde is the experimentation of new methods and design. This style of design is expressive and bold and correlates perfectly with couples who are walking down a more daring path regarding their wedding theme.

These dresses are pieces of art in themselves, detailed with an array of gorgeous trimmings and fearless pops of colour. The final result is truly dependent on the bride’s unique needs. We experiment with ostrich feathers, skirts encrusted with jewels, ruffles and asymmetry to bring an overall aesthetic designed to make an unforgettable statement. There are no limits to an Avant-Garde ensemble.

Your wedding is the one day in your life allowing for endless self-expression, and the bride’s dress is certainly no exception. So why don’t we get started? For more information on what we have to offer regarding our bespoke gowns, contact me here.

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