Caring For Your Bridal Gown As A Brisbane Bride

At Helena Couture Designs, we take immense care in creating the perfect bridal gown for Brisbane brides, but how do you keep it in perfect shape? We’ve compiled some care instructions that will make it easier for you to look after your gown.

How To Care For Your Designer Gown

There Are A Few Stages Of Care That You Need To Think About When It Comes To Your Bridal Gown:

  • When leaving the boutique

  • On your wedding day

  • Storing and preserving your memories

For each stage, we recommend using a professional cleaning service, as they will be best prepared to handle the needs of your gown. 

When You First Receive Your Dress

Make sure that you transport your gown in a vehicle that allows it to lay your gown flat. You will need enough space for the gown’s full length with the train down. When you arrive home, make sure to hang the gown up as high as possible (many brides choose to use a door frame, we strongly advise against a light fitting or ceiling fan in case of unwanted damage being caused). Store your gown in the gown cover to protect it from contamination from bugs, dust, or unwanted stains. Make sure to open the bottom of the cover-up to spread out the train and avoid wrinkles or lay down a clean sheet on the floor if the garment cover is not big enough. Make sure to follow professional cleaning instructions for steaming the dress, and do so only if needed!

On The Big Day

Apply your make-up, perfume, and hair spray before stepping into your gown since even the mist from these products can stain your garment. Have someone help you and only put on your shoes after you are in your gown. Remember to protect against potential spills and stains during touch-ups with a towel. Try and have your nails polished at least a day before the event to allow nails to dry fully. Address any spills, watermarks, or potential stains immediately with gentle blotting and appropriate care as per your professional cleaning service. 

You’re Married!

It’s time to make sure that you have your dress professionally treated in order to go into long-term storage. Store in a place that is suitable for your gown and will not suffer any adverse temperature or climate fluctuations. 

We Cherish Our Bridal Gowns For Brisbane Brides

Your experience is our experience – we want the very best for your special day. Please feel free to get in touch with us by calling 07 5529 4203 or use our online contact platform.

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