Fiery Inspired Wedding For Alex Wynter Wearing Custom Helena Couture Designs Bridal

Bridal Sit on Lap
Bridal Party Alex Wynter

Our Story

In 2015, the first meeting between us consisted of Alex trying to bargain with Hayden on a set of coil packs for an R33 Nissan Skyline..

The next was at a close mutual friend’s house, not much was said other than some brutal banter. After that, some friends and Hayden thought it would be hilarious to try to scare Alex whilst being the brave passenger in Hayden’s Skyline.

Scared? No. It was love at first drift.

Several weeks passed and behold, Hayden sent Alex some Amity Affliction and Northlane songs, somehow knowing Alex loved metal music. Bonding over the love of metal music and cars, it wasn’t long until Hayden confessed his love to Alex using the song ‘Pabst Blue Ribbon on Ice’ by Amity Affliction. ”Listen to the lyrics, it is how I feel about you”.

Hayden’s proposal had come five inseparable years, a daughter, career and house later, on a family ski trip at Lake Tinaroo, Queensland. It was unexpected, yet romantic. Hayden had managed to con just Alex onto their ski boat, on one knee, floating in the middle of the lake. We celebrated ashore with our beautiful daughter, family, and friends, on a perfect day on 26th December 2020.

Our Wedding & Planning

There was no rush for the planning to commence, simply because the question that stumped us initially was, where shall we have the wedding? Alex’s family being afar’ whilst Hayden’s family being the majority close by, options were exhausted. Nothing better was found then to hold it right here in Hayden’s hometown, Townsville Queensland. That was decided.

Bridal Dress

The Wedding Dress

Flights, Uber rides, hours standing for pinning, days of alterations, months of waiting for the reveal and it was all worth it. Alex’s dress was created by Helena Couture Designs in Maudsland, Queensland. Thankfully, one beautiful Bridesmaid, Georgia was able to help with a few of the dress appointments during Alex’s travels, therefor the remainder had to wait for the reveal on the big day, oh what a reveal it was. “The pattern in the material reminds me of a flame and the final piece brings warmth to my heart. I have never felt so beautiful” (Alex).

There is so much more that can be discussed regarding the wedding planning, or rather how blessed we were. A few small mentions include Jerika from Backin’ It Up Florals, she was such a vibe to work with. “I’m going to go out on a whim and do something I think you will absolutely love, do you trust me? It’s a surprise” (Jerika). Jerika thought to place stunning crystals within the Bridal bouquet from conversations of interest we had, incredible. Our Celebrant, Naomi Mowbray, who travelled from Brisbane, just knew what to say and when, bringing everyone together handling it like an absolute pro. Sydney (MoH) and the bridesmaids kicked butt keeping all the Groomsmen in line after their big night out before the wedding too.

Bride Sitting on Bed

On the big day, tucked away in Townsville, we were able to hire some open space within the beautiful Botanical Anderson Gardens. By doing so, we invited 100+ guests to our ceremony to celebrate our forever. We arrived in nothing better than a Nissan Skyline accompanied by Japanese cars of that era, cliché right.

Our daughter Carmen, four at the time did her own speech to say her I do. I believe that is when everyone shed their tears the most.

The reception was held at The Brewery within The Banquet Room. Stunning black and gold features, open spaces and moody lighting. Our reception was smaller, 60 guests or so, but the party was large and continued through the night.

Bridal Alex Wynter

Another Perfect Day On 3rd September 2022.

Our first night as a married couple was spent in the Dalgety Apartments, Townsville. We were able to say our goodbyes to our loved family and friends the next day as we set off to the Tablelands, Queensland. We resided in the Mt Quincan Crater Retreat for a few nights for our short honeymoon with a larger holiday planned.

Advice: Don’t compromise your must-haves and let go of unimportant things. Let your hair down on the day, no one else knows your plans.
Consider accommodation early in the peace for you and your family traveling afar, this really helped us living in Townsville when options were limited due to a football match, and we were lucky we bulk-booked accommodation in advance.

Ede Wedding Vendor List

I utilised a rad bunch of vendors for our wedding.

Wedding Photography

Stunning photography that cannot be faulted by Jessica Sheppey.

Wedding Dress

My wedding dress was custom-made by the extremely talented Helena from Helena Couture Designs. I had a vision and Helena made it happen, all down to the minor details, including a matching tie for my now Husband. My dress brought fire to my heart, I have never felt so beautiful in such a piece.

Bridal Alex Wynter Tie


Naomi Mowbray
Naomi traveled from Brisbane to attend our wedding, forever grateful. She was fun and upbeat!

Alex Wynter Vows
Alex Wynter Celebrant
Alex Wynter Vows

Bridal Hair Styling

Completed by the beautiful girls from Boutique Hair Lounge. They were an absolute blessing and came to my location!
@hairbystaceymorris attended to my hair, amazing!

Hair Pins And Wedding Hair Slide

Custom purchase from Crystal Eclipse Crowns.

Wedding Band And Bridal Rings

Alex Wynter Rings


I cried when I first saw my bouquets. My love for crystals was incorporated into the bouquet as a wonderful surprise from Jerika at Backin’ It Up Florals.

Wedding Cake

Geode-inspired cake by Rachel from Ruby Bow Ties Cakes.

Alex Wynter Cake

Neon Sign

‘Till Death Do Us Party’ neon light provided by Vi Lit Lights

Alex Wynter Sign


House of Vows

The Banquet Room within The Brewery Townsville

Anderson Botanical Gardens

Ogden Street, Townsville City

Makeup Artistry

Jade Henry MUA, also coming to my location. Beautiful work.


Dresses – Billy J Boutique
Shoes – Wildfire


Townsville Wedding & Events


DJ Entertaining, lighting, and smoke machine provided by DJ Azzy.

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