Guide For Selecting The Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses For Your Bridal Party

Your bridesmaids have all said “yes” and now it is time to settle the finer details of their attire for the wedding you have started to plan. Of course, you want your bridal party to look stunning, not only for the day but in the photographs you will treasure for years to come. However, choosing bridesmaids’ dresses that compliment the bride is a challenging task. You are probably dealing with various budgets, body sizes and aesthetic preferences. It may all seem a little overwhelming. However, although it is a complicated process, it does not have to be stressful.

When it comes to Brisbane wedding gowns, formal attire, and bridesmaids’ dresses, we specialise in wedding attire in a splendid variety of styles and sizes. Continue reading for professional advice on shopping for bridesmaid gowns without causing controversy.

Take Your Bridal Party’s Budget Into Consideration

Your bridal party members’ financial situation is one of those touchy subjects that may derail even the most well-laid plans for the big day. However, it is best not to put off the discussion. It will serve as a foundation for establishing which bridal boutiques and salons to consider first.

Fortunately, today’s bridesmaids can pick from a wide range of beautiful dresses for any budget, from ready-to-wear alternatives to high-end couture.

Set Aside Budget Allocations For Dress Alterations

Almost all bridesmaids’ gowns need some kind of alteration, and the price tags for this service often range from $25 to $100. A bridesmaid may require more length added to her garment in addition to hemming and sizing modifications.

It is recommended that you bring any preferred accessories to the first fitting; this includes shoes, jewellery and purses to ensure the dress will suit. Keep in mind that any dress alterations will carry a service fee.

Get Ahead Of Schedule

Sizing guides for bridesmaid gowns might vary depending on the manufacturer. The time needed to measure each bridesmaid and then have dresses created or tailored to those specifications must be factored into your wedding plan timeline. In some cases, multiple fittings may be required.

The wait time for the bridal party outfits may range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the boutique, the dressmaker and the time of year. So getting ahead of schedule should be a priority to avoid additional stress.

Work Together To Decide On A Dress Style

One of the most challenging parts of picking bridesmaid dresses is deciding on a dress style that works for everyone. Gown manufacturers have attempted to make this simpler by creating dresses in numerous designs with unifying characteristics, including fabric, colour or embellishments.

As a result, you can pick unique outfits complimenting the wearers yet appearing similar enough to offer an elegant and cohesive ensemble for the wedding ceremony and photo opportunities thereafter. Just ensure you purchase all the outfits at the same time. It is essential to let the designer know that all the fabrics they are ordering are for the same wedding because the dye lots they come from might vary slightly.

Accessory cover-ups may also be lifesavers. A well-placed shawl, scarf, or cardigan can help a body-conscious bridesmaid feel more at ease in a dress style that works for the rest of the party.

Quick Tips For Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

  • Be open and communicative with your bridal party and find out their preferences.

  • Be mindful of budgets and time constraints.

  • Turn dress planning into a bonding experience with cocktail lunches or spa days before you head to the boutique.

  • Ask your designer for professional advice on your colour gradings, dress styles, and accessories.

Looking To Create An Unforgettable Ensemble For Your Bridal Party?

Having been in business on the Gold Coast since 1999, we have extensive expertise and understanding in the design of Brisbane wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. Helena Couture Designs is an award-winning Australian bridal boutique that provides high-quality, reasonably priced gowns for special occasions. All our dresses are tailored to complement each client’s preference, style and body type. Ready to begin your journey and create an unforgettable ensemble for you and your bridal party? Get in touch today.

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