How To Choose The Right Gown For Your Brisbane Wedding

With your wedding day around the corner, you’re probably anxious to begin the process of designing your special bridal gown. Brides-to-be tend to think they know exactly what they want out of their design. After all, planning has been in motion since childhood. However, upon exploring various styles and other intricate details, they find themselves in a state of disarray. At Helena Couture Designs, the forefront of my mission is to help guide confused brides-to-be toward a dress that will best suit every facet of their personality, unique body shape, and overall vision of the big day. I want to share two aspects to consider that will help us reach an ideal final concept. 

Consider Your Theme  

Before you consider what you’ll be wearing (even though we know this is the most highly-anticipated part), you should have a relatively clear vision of what the overall wedding theme will be. Generally, embellishments and other more intricate design details will be easier to determine with this knowledge on hand. For example, a dress with a long train might not be an ideal choice for a beach wedding because the sand will interfere with the gown’s natural movement. Having these critical decisions already made will help significantly narrow down your choices regarding which gown will be the best fit. 

Your Unique Figure  

As much as society enjoys putting the female form into various boxes, every woman’s body truly is different. For this reason, every woman will choose very different parts of themselves to accentuate, depending on what makes them feel like their most glowing self. Let’s take a strapless corset, for example. This feature may accentuate the shoulders, arms, and bust, while on the other hand, a mermaid dress will complement an hourglass figure beautifully. Luckily, finding the perfect fit for your special day will come as no problem at all with the help of expert guidance. 

Designing the perfect dress for your Brisbane wedding is an exciting step during this unforgettable event. At Helena Couture Designs, I bring brides’ unique visions to life while acting as a guide along the way. To inquire about my bespoke gown design services, please contact me here.

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