How To Choose Your Dream Gold Coast Wedding Dress

It May Seem As If Every Woman Has Been Planning Every Detail Of Her Wedding Dress On The Gold Coast Since They Were Five Years Old, But This Isn’t So. Many Have Barely Thought About The Finer Details Of Big Decisions Such As What The Dress Will Look Like.

This can create some anxiety in a soon-to-be bride. We here at Helena Couture Designs, are a multi-award winning designer wedding dress team. We have comprised a list of easy tips and tricks to finding your dream wedding dress on the Gold Coast with ease and way less stress!

Take a look at our ‘4 things you should know when choosing your dream wedding dress’ list if you are having trouble choosing the right dress to suit all your needs and desires.


Four Things You Should Know

1. Research, Research, Research

You can never really do too much research into different wedding gown styles and trends from the past centuries. The only way to honestly know what you like is to look over what other brides before you have done and decipher what you like and do not like from there. (Make notes to help you outline an exact guideline)

2. Keep An Open Mind

If you have a single style of dress on your mind, you may be a bit disappointed. Many brides don’t end up sticking with the style they had originally envisioned. In this instance, the best advice we can give you is to go into choosing your dress with an open mind so that you can choose the dress style that is right for your body and not just your mind.

3. Size DOES NOT Matter

What many brides are not told is that bridal sizing happens to be a bit off and that your perfect wedding dress size may read one or two sizes bigger than your daily clothing size. This can often shake a bride’s confidence. Ladies, please note, this is a regular occurrence, and not a single soul is going to know the number on your tag on your wedding day. Pay no mind to this.

4. You Should Shop Early, But Not TOO Early

Yes, timing is everything. This may seem like a delicate balance, but if pulled off correctly, shopping at the right time for your dress will ensure that it is an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Many custom gowns take between four and eight months to be completed. That is, after the design process.

If buying off the rack, you still need to account for the time needed to attend to any alterations. On the other hand, if you are planning on having a long engagement shopping for gowns too early may leave you regretting your choice by the time you need to zip it up and walk down the aisle.

We hope that these four easy tips have assisted in making this experience an easy-going, fun-filled one that you can cherish for all the days of your marriage to come.

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