It’s All In The Details: Sentimental Touches For Memorable Brisbane Bridal Gowns

Because one’s wedding day is such a memorable event, many brides look to incorporate sentimental details into their bridal gowns to add more of a personal touch. Helena Couture Designs is the couturier to work with if you want to create show-stopping, memorable bridal gowns in Brisbane. Here are some of our favourite ideas for including sentimental elements in your bridal gown’s design.

Meaningful Embroidery

Embroidery itself is so versatile. It can be used in so many different ways on a wedding gown, from bringing in intricate details to adding a pop of colour to a beautiful design. Embroidery has limitless potential as a way to incorporate sentimental details. You are limited only by your imagination! Some ideas include:

  • Embroidered names or initials of people important to you

  • A phrase or poem that is meaningful to you and your partner hidden within an embroidered design

  • Important dates such as the anniversary of your first date, wedding day, first kiss and more can be intricately embroidered within a beautiful design

Sentimental Fabrics

Some brides wear meaningful or sentimental garments on their special day. Examples of this are brides honouring their mothers or other special women in their lives by wearing those women’s wedding dresses. However, this isn’t an option for all brides. The style, fit or colour may not suit the bride’s specific needs. Brides wishing to incorporate special garments without wearing the garment in its entirety can include just pieces of fabric as part of their gowns. For example:

  • A lace applique detail from an older gown

  • A fabric swatch from a special garment sewn into the lining of the gown

  • A piece of fabric from an outfit worn to a memorable event (such as a first date, the engagement, etc.) incorporated into the dress

Incorporate Beading Designs

Beading can be used in subtle ways to communicate a sentimental message. For example:

  • A meaningful message written in morse code using beads

  • Incorporating beads made from the birthstones of special people

  • Beading to represent the star positions or coordinates of special dates

At Helena Couture Designs, Helena Karkovic takes an artistic, creative approach to each wedding dress design. Taking into account each bride’s wishes, style and story, Helena creates a gown that is more than a dress; it is a dream come true. 

To start your journey towards creating a Brisbane bridal gown you will remember for a lifetime, get in touch by giving us a call at 07 5529 4203 or use our convenient online contact platform.

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