Let Your Theme Be The Inspiration For Your Brisbane Bridal Gown

Are you a non-traditional kind of person? Do you and your fiance have a particular book or movie that you are both crazy about? Have you always dreamed of living in another era? At Helena Couture Designs, we believe that your wedding is the perfect opportunity to indulge these fantasies by having an extreme theme wedding with a theme-inspired Brisbane bridal gown that has been custom designed especially for you and which meets your every desire.

We understand how planning your themed wedding can be overwhelming. It is difficult to think of and then find ways to put all the components of a wedding celebration together that portray a well-defined theme as the end result. This is why we have compiled a list of the most important facts to remember when planning a successful themed wedding.

Embrace The Theme Fully

Once you have decided on your theme, you should commit to it 100%. This means that for every decision you make (large or small), you should ask yourself,  “Does this choice reinforce and contribute to my theme?”

Details! Details! DETAILS!

This is where you will do most of your theme-building. By paying attention and ensuring that your theme’s defining traits/characteristics can be found in all the little extra trimmings, you will ensure that the theme is not generic. For example:

Blue napkins = blue colour scheme

Blue napkins with a fish motif = Underwater atmosphere/theme

Blue napkins with a fish motif and a lock of red hair as a napkins binder = The Little Mermaid theme

Guest Participation

Remember to mention your theme on the wedding invitation. State what is required from the guests regarding the theme, i.e. you might want them to dress accordingly, or maybe just warn them if there are going to be any out-of-the-ordinary theme-related activities so they are prepared.

Location Is Key

Securing the right venue will create a realistic atmosphere in which the rest of your themed wedding will appear natural, creating an even stronger impression.

Your Dress And Cake

These two components are the ultimate showpieces of your themed wedding. They are visual high points and the most photographed items at a wedding. Use their high visibility and impact to cement and ultimately bring your theme together.

It is so important to have a designer who is eager to hear your vision and is not afraid of getting creative when designing something unique. Creativity is our speciality at Helena Couture Designs, and our Brisbane bridal gowns will make all your theme-related wishes come true. Contact us today.

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