Frequently Asked Questions And Answers.

What Is A Toile?

A toile is a mock version of the garment made up from either calico or similar fabric required for the end garment. The toile is where the cut and fit of the garment is altered and confirmed, prior to manufacturing the end garment.

Does Everyone Need A Toile?

If one of HCD’s sample dresses fits well and only minimal changes are required, no toile, or only part of a toile may be required. Our client will be informed at the beginning of the process and a discount may be provided for possible labour costs saved at the time of the quote. (Please note, on the rare occasion, if the first toile requires major alterations and extended pattern making, a second toile with an additional fitting and charges may be required to confirm the correct style/shape/fit of the garment.)

Is There A Fee For The Initial Consultation?

No, the initial consultation is complimentary and lasts between 45mins to one hour.

I Don’t Have My Shoes Yet.

If our client hasn’t purchased her shoes, extra fabric will be allowed for change of height, to later confirm length, once shoes are purchased.  If the garment is to have a waistline seam, the skirt part may or may not be done till 3rd fitting.

I Feel Faint At This Fitting.

It is important that all our clients eat breakfast, brunch or lunch if their fitting is after a main meal of the day; and keep hydrated prior to their fittings. Standing for one hour, believe it or not can be exhausting.

I’m An Interstate Or Overseas Client. How Does It Work?

Our Interstate or overseas clients will still have the same procedure for fittings but in bulk segments.  Generally broken into two-three visits, consisting of several days each time they visit, but often are only required for the daily fitting, leaving the rest of the day for our client to enjoy what the Gold Coast has to offer. Many of our clients work these segments into their holidays.

How Many Fittings Are Required?

Included in the construction of your garment is an average or five one-hour fittings. There have been clients who have only required four fittings and some who have required longer than one hour fittings. The clients are advised when booking their appointments. The final fitting is often also pick up and that is usually between one-three weeks prior to their event.

How Long Do I Have To Pay My Garment And Accessories Off?

There are different payment plans on offer for our clients.  Our clients either set up a scheduled direct transfer of funds from their account to HCD’s bank account in weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. Alternatively, 20% at the time of each fitting, with a 20% non-refundable deposit, prior to first fitting.  If any changes/additions/alterations have happened, we ask our client to leave final payment till confirmation of garment costs and any additional items purchased are finalised at or after our client’s second last fitting.

When Is The Final Payment Due?

Final payment must be received and cleared prior to any goods being released to any of our clients or representatives of our clients.  If an Electronic Funds transfer has not been made three business days prior to pick up, only cash will be accepted as payment for the release of items purchased, at pick up.

My Wedding Is Ages Away. What If I Want To Alter/Change The Design?

We like our client’s design to evolve, if required. At HCD we offer this unique opportunity, as we feel the design often evolves at each fitting and if our client’s weight/figure shape changes or other ideas are either stumbled upon or sort after, we like to keep our options open. Often we start with the base design and allow our clients to add to it, if they desire and costed accordingly.

When Do I Pick My Accessories?

As we like to give our clients options to expand on their design, we prefer to leave the selection of veils and other accessories until after the production of the gown has begun.

Am I Allowed To Take Photos At My Fittings?

We not only encourage our clients to take photos at their fittings, but we too take photos and send a select few to our client at the end of each fitting. We use the images as a reference of what needs to be altered/changed/added before their next fitting. We have even had some of our clients in a video chat, with close family and friends, who were unable to make it to the fittings.
With the consent from our client, any images or video taken of them might be shared on our social pages and website, on the day of their event or after.

Can You Dress Me On The Day?

At the final fitting we show our client and her entourage how best to dress her on the day, so there is no need for us to dress our client at their event. If time allows, we offer some tips of how to pose and move for imagery.

How Do I Clean And Store My Garment After The Event?

HCD custom handmade garments are all unique and delicate.  Please handle with care.  We supply a sample of the materials used to produce our client’s garment, to the client, for their professional cleaner to test with their cleaning product/s, prior to cleaning. The professional cleaner will advise on how to store your garment. It is recommended to have the garment cleaned as soon as possible, to avoid any stains becoming permanent.

How Can I Take Better Care Of My Garment/ And Jewellery?

1.Use a reputable professional cleaning service.
2.Remove shoes when stepping into your garment.
3.Do not spray perfume or hairspray on the garment or jewellery.
4.Remove jewellery prior to putting your garment on.
5.Items that have claws holding gemstones in place, can catch and pull on certain fabrics.
6.If your garment should become damp, line dry away from direct sunlight.
7.If a garment has beading or sequence, do not steam or iron over the garment.
9.Do not allow alcohol to come in contact with your garment or jewellery.
10.Garments and jewellery may discolour with age, moisture, perspiration and sunlight.

Will You Copy A Design I’ve Found, Exactly The Same For Me?

We can, but we won’t.
At HCD we believe in the copy right of designer’s creativity and will not reproduce a garment to the exact specifications of another garment being produced elsewhere.  We will use the inspiration the client has collected, along with design guidance from us, supply a quote and then on approval, begin the production process of the client’s garment; specific to the client’s figure shape, price bracket, colour palette, style of event, and client’s personality. We rarely recreate even our own designs, as no two people are the same.

Is There Anyone Who You Can Recommend Their Services?

Yes, we have a list of great industry professionals we have worked with and is on our recommendation list to assist clients when choosing vendors for their event.  HCD does not make commission from these vendors, nor are we affiliated with any of them and therefore take no responsibility for their relationship with our client.