Something Special, Something Blue

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue. We are all familiar with the old recipe for good luck on your wedding day – a tradition beloved by many brides who are inspired to find the perfect little tokens to carry with them. 

Even brides who stray away from traditional wedding conventions often enjoy paying homage to the tradition in their own way. Today, some brides take ‘’something blue’’ to the next level by incorporating the colour into their wedding gowns. At Helena Couture Designs, we are delighted to work with our brides to create their dream bridal dress in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, and we love incorporating a bit of colourful flair into our brides’ custom designs.  

The Meaning Behind Something Blue

In the Olde English rhyme, each item (old, new, borrowed and blue) is symbolic. “Something blue” represents three essential qualities for a marriage: fidelity, love and purity. 

To some, blue symbolises more. The colour blue can represent calm, peace and serenity. It has also been known to convey stability, security and lifelong loyalty.

If you are a bride who loves incorporating deeper meaning and symbolism as much as aesthetics, the colour blue can be used to signify many positive attributes.

Incorporating Blue Into Your Dress

Bringing blue into your gown can be subtle, or you can use it to make a bold statement, if that is your style. 

For a more understated touch of blue, consider adding a delicate blue sash, blue beading or perhaps a subtle blue tint to the fabric of your dress.

Brides looking for their blue dress to make an impression may opt for an entirely blue gown in dazzling shades of sapphire, lapis lazuli or sky blue. An ombre effect can be applied to the fabric to shift from the traditional white or ivory down to a mesmerising blue for an elegant touch.

No matter your style, there is something indescribably breathtaking about a blue-gowned bride. 

Visit Helena Couture Designs For Your Enchanting Bridal Dresses

Add a touch of magic to your wedding dress with a stunning design from a talented, creative designer. With Helena Couture Designs, incorporating “something blue” into your wedding gown can truly be something extraordinary. We settle for nothing short of excellence with quality fabrics, attention to detail and creativity. When it comes to wedding dresses, Helena is a true artist who can be totally trusted to meet or even better your vision for your gown on your special day. 

For your Gold Coast or Brisbane wedding gowns, get in touch by calling us on 07 5529 4203 or using our convenient online contact platform.

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