The Helena Couture Bridal Dresses Care Guide For Before, On & After The Big Day

You found your beautiful, immaculate, white wedding dress and put a deposit on it. This stunning gown will soon be tailored to fit you perfectly and stay in careful storage until the big day when you can flaunt it as the gorgeous bride you will be. However, the care of your wedding gown doesn’t stop from the moment you first try it on.

White bridal dresses are especially vulnerable to damage due to the several layers of fabric and the numerous decorations they feature. Many factors can diminish its brand-new appearance, including stains, loose embroidery and fading cloth.

The following are our essential wedding dress care instructions for before, during and after your big day.

Collecting Wedding Dresses From The Boutique

Handle your dress with care and transport it in a vehicle with a flat back seat. Make sure you have enough room to walk while carrying your dress and for the train to hang down. Your boutique will store your dress with utmost care before you collect it. It will usually be stored on a dress form and protected in an extra-long bag, so you won’t have to worry about ironing or steaming it before your wedding day.

When you get home, find a low-traffic part of the house to store your bridal gown. Hang your gown as high as possible, e.g. over a door frame, and do not remove it from the garment bag to avoid dust settling on it. You might also consider hanging it somewhere out of direct sunlight.

Depending on how long the train is, you may want to consider unzipping the bottom of the storage bag to let the train hang freely and avoid creases. If it trails onto the floor, you can protect it by laying a clean sheet underneath it.

Heavy gowns with many embellishments are best stored on a secure flat. Places like the highest closet shelf or a seldom-used storage space beneath the bed are perfect for this.

Bridal Gown Care Kit & Instructions For The Wedding Day

  • Safety Pins

  • Same coloured thread

  • Needles & pins

  • Soft white microfiber towels

  • Cotton buds

  • Talcum powder/ corn starch or chalk

  • Light, clean make-up brush

  • Fabric glue

Cleaning Tips: Ensure make-up, nail art, perfumes, lotions and hairsprays are applied before the dress is put on. If anything comes into contact, use cornflour, chalk or talcum powder as a light coating to dry up the residue rather than rubbing the affected region. Lightly brush the powder from the material after 15 minutes. This method will conceal problem areas and prepare the garment for professional cleaning after the wedding.

There is also a chance of getting wine, food, dirt or mud stains on your dress. Again, you can turn to your kit to perform a quick spot clean if these things happen. Most stains may be removed using baking powder, talcum powder or chalk. Never use something permanent, such as shoe polish or whiteout, as these cannot be removed afterwards.

Watermarks can be softly patted with a microfibre towel.

Repair Tips: Have your bridal party help inspect the dress before the ceremony. If any rhinestones or embellishments come loose, seams split, or small tears occur, you can turn to your care kit for a quick repair job.

Ensure your cotton thread matches the colour of your dress and that your hands are clean before performing the repair job. Use cotton buds to apply glues to avoid any unnecessary spills or stains.

Preserving Your Bridal Dresses

Ensure your gown is taken for professional cleaning and preservation within four weeks of your wedding day to keep it in the best condition. Do not store your wedding gown in plastic bags or vacuum-sealed plastic-wrapped containers for extended periods, as the plastic’s chemical makeup may cause the fabric to yellow, and the plastic’s ability to retain moisture can lead to the growth of mildew. Rather store your worn gown in soft clean fabric before you approach a boutique or reputable dry cleaning service for professional cleaning and preservation.

Once your dress has been cleaned, you will want to store it in a clean, naturally lit, temperature-regulated and dry area of the house to avoid any humidity damage. Accessories can be stored in a sealed container and kept with the dress.

Make Memories With Us

Wedding day memories are stored in photos, videos, in the hearts and minds of our loved ones and, of course, in more tangible ways such as the ring on your finger and the beautiful gown stored in your closet. Dresses can be preserved to become heirloom pieces for future brides or for resale in future. No matter what you decide to do with your wedding dress, it is an investment that should be handled with care.

Helena Couture Designs have been an expert in creating, tailoring, repairing and preserving bridal dresses for over two decades. From the first sketch to the finished gown, we delight in each bride’s enthusiasm at every stage of the design and construction creation process. Your time spent designing your dream wedding dress with us will be one you will always remember with a smile on your face.

Helena Couture Designs is an award-winning boutique that creates unique, custom bridal and evening gowns at reasonable prices. For queries or advice on preserving bridal dresses, get in touch today.

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