The Helena Couture Designs Winter Style Guide For Designer Wedding Dresses In Brisbane

The winter season is on its way, and with it comes the dazzling winter wedding season. Winter weddings are curated for comfort and style with unique décor selections and decadent, hearty cuisine.

With the iconic winter wedding season comes a specific set of nuances to hosting a successful ceremony and reception. Tailoring or selecting the perfect designer wedding dresses for your Brisbane based winter wedding also requires careful forethought. Here are some of our top suggestions for finding the perfect winter wedding dress.

Heavier Textiles For Extra Warmth

A winter wedding dress calls for heavier textiles. Consider incorporating fabrics like silk mikado, velvet, brocade, faille, moire, Divina crepe and gabardine. These fabrics will provide more warmth than your rayons, organzas and charmeuses. This way, you’ll be prepared for any chilly temperatures on the day, giving you the comfort to focus on enjoying your special day and creating everlasting memories.

Fuller silhouettes, such as ball gowns and A-line shaped dresses, are ideal for winter weddings. The extra layers of tulle or other textiles will keep you warm while also making you feel like royalty.

Incorporating Sleeves Into The Dress Design

There’s nothing quite as dramatic, elegant and alluring as a sleeved wedding dress. It is also one of the best ways of keeping you warm on your wedding day.

However, if you have always envisioned your ideal wedding dress without long sleeves, you could speak to your designer to create two layers: A bottom layer covering up to your bust and an upper layer of lace completing the winter look with three-quarter or full-length sleeves.

Stand Out Against The Winter Back Drop

Adding a splash of opulent colour to your wedding attire brings warmth to your overall appearance. Similarly, a contrasting or complementary lace overlay and a low cut backline is another way to bring that extra wow factor and additional warmth.

Find a gown with exquisite embellishments to stand out against the grey winter backdrops. Accessorising with a cropped faux fur jacket or crystal and rhinestone sash to bring your gown to life. You could also bring a subtle shimmer with a rhinestone brooch or earrings.

A winter wedding’s dazzling details don’t have to end with the dress, décor and colour scheme. You can bring it all together by incorporating the theme into your makeup. Winter weddings perfectly complement a deeper lip colour and bolder eyes. Choose a classic red or dark berry lipstick with a delicate cat-eye. If you aren’t a fan of bright lipstick, consider a smoky eye with a mauve lip. Whatever your preference, don’t be afraid to bring the drama.

Bespoke Designer Wedding Dresses In Brisbane

Helena Couture Designs is one of the most well respected and renowned bespoke wedding dress designers on the Gold Coast. For help crafting perfect designer wedding dresses for your Brisbane-based winter wedding tailored to your figure shape, personality and price range, get in touch today.

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