Three Inspiring Ideas For Your Brisbane Wedding Dress

Deciding on your wedding dress is such an exciting time for any bride-to-be. This is your special day and you want everything to be just perfect, from the decor to the catering to keeping your guests happy.

However, most will agree that the wedding dress is one of the most critical components of the wedding day. All eyes will be on the bride and the gown simply must live up to all that it is meant to be, so here are some inspiring ideas for your Brisbane wedding dress.

1) The Classic Wedding Dress 

If you see yourself as a classical bride walking down the aisle in Brisbane, your wedding dress should be a classic-style gown. A classical wedding dress is all about creating a fairytale, magical feeling perhaps with a full ball gown and elegant lines. Your gown should exude beauty, poise and class and bring out the princess in you. Think ornate bead and embroidery detail matched with sophistication and simplicity. A classical wedding dress is a timeless option for your Brisbane wedding.

2) Modern Dress For Changing Times 

Modern brides in Brisbane are choosing wedding dress styles with a bit more personalised flair, and there are so many choices to delight your fancy if you envision yourself in a chic, modern dress. Why not venture away from tradition and go for a show-stopping dress with a plunging neckline, shorter length, or something unexpected like a darker colour instead of traditional white? Ultra-modern trends are steering in the direction of bold geometric patterns, sheer lace and statement-making designs that accentuate natural feminine beauty.

3) Dare To Be Different With Avant-Garde 

For the daring at heart, there are avant-garde wedding dresses to spice up your Brisbane wedding. Leave guests amazed with a jaw-dropping design that challenges expectations while still allowing you to shine in the spotlight on your auspicious day. An avant-garde dress design will really allow you to express your true essence as a bride. Get a bit playful and experiment fearlessly with colour, texture, ruffles and unique accessories that take a more artistic approach to wedding dress design in Brisbane.

Now that we have shared these exciting ideas with you, we hope you feel inspired to begin creating your very own dream wedding dress for your Brisbane wedding. Contact Helena Couture Designs for a personalised wedding dress designer who will work closely with you to bring out your inner beauty and help you bring your vision to life with a timeless, unforgettable, show-stopping dress.

Image: Thurtell Photography
HMUA: Amanda Higl Hair and Makeup
Dresses: Helena Couture Designs

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